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  1. pkurzok

    hard top

    hi everyone nearly finished the project just need some parts for the hard top does any one have a drawing of part 39 and any photo showing how part no34 fits thanks paul
  2. yes a lot of soapy water could be just bad luck
  3. hi everyone I have fitted the windscreen with rubber from moss was not easy but not to hard either. the screen has been in for about two weeks and the car has not been driven at all. this morning what do we fine a crack through the windscreen the screen was from rimmer but I believe that moss one are the same open to suggestion dont forget I am in spain thanks paul
  4. hi everyone I have a set of 69 USA seats to retrim. Unfortunatelythe springs in the seat back have broken. I have found a company in the uk who is going to make a 2 sets left hand and right hand just wondering if anyone else wants to tag along . paul
  5. here in spain to you have to send them as I am about to-do the same and I have a contact for my area
  6. has any one used the wooden version
  7. it has already been done on the front but do the rear one my tr6 had diff nearly torn out paul
  8. hi everyone I have bought some inside door handles from rimmer let say I am not impressed don't think they will last long before I spend nearly 200 pounds with moss please give your opinion on what to do thanks paul
  9. pkurzok


    just to let you know moss fitted still a pig of a job
  10. hi guys the seats in my tr6 are 69 usa style seats the parts in orange have broken and I cannot replace any ideas please thanks .paul
  11. pkurzok


    thanks I have bought a other one from moss I will keep you posted
  12. pkurzok


    thanks guy some good ideas
  13. pkurzok


    hi everyone trying to fit a new windscreen into the tr6 with a rubber from rimmer bros any tips please as seem not to fit thanks paul
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