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  1. I visited the TR Register stand at the NEC last weekend and saw the TR known as Saffy I noticed that the notorious seam where the rear wings join the body had some sort of sealer in the joint and wondered if anybody could tell me what this is .Thank you.
  2. Occasionally when I am driving with the hood down I get a smell of petrol, yesterday while getting petrol I noticed the large rubber grommet under the filler cap was perished and had a small split in it. I wondered if this could be a contributory factor to the smell my question is can you buy a new rubber and how do you remove the old one I had a fiddle with it and it seemed pretty hard to remove. Thanks and regards John Harvey.
  3. I have seen on some cars a black mesh screen fitted behind the seats looked on the usual sites trgb moss etc but cannot find anything like it so I wondered if anybody could point me in the right direction.Thanks.
  4. Can anybody help me with definitive answer to the amount of import duty and v.a.t involved if you buy a car from America. Thanks in anticipation John Harvey.
  5. Find a local cabinet maker who has a stock of veneer and access to a veneer press pick the veneer of your choice when the job is done have it sprayed in two pack lacquer by a bodywork shop.
  6. I can buy the hard top that was sold new with my car the hard top has been outside for several years obviously as the car has been re-sprayed it won't be usable and I doubt I would ever use it anyway. I have a couple of questions I am hoping members can help me with. Firstly in the unlikely event that I sell the car would it add value? Secondly bearing in mind the condition what is it worth? Thanks and Regards. John Harvey.
  7. 1971 PI running all original equipment I average 26 mpg.
  8. Took the car out for a quick blast and when i checked under the bonnet found a wet mist of water and grease i found the water pump pulley had quite a lot of play so i take it the water pump has given up. My car has done a genuine 59,000 miles so there is a good chance the water pump is the original it has a grease nipple fitted My question is are these still available or will i have to use a modern sealed pump if so where is the best place to buy one. Thanks in anticipation .John.
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