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  1. I will miss you guys now the Bar is closed! As a (presently) ex/non member, I now don't have a home here and will miss your banter.

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    2. foster461


      You will get a warm welcome here Mitch where many of us have signed up http://sideways-technologies.co.uk/forums/


    3. Chris59


      Fosrer, this forum is already pinned in my favorites. See you there Mitch, once both registered !


    4. Chris59


      oops, Foster, not Fosrer, sorry !

  2. Not forgetting the TR5 is predominantly a ragtop and this is not the season. Anyone thinking of selling would surely wait until the spring to maximise their value and some won't even get their cars out of the garage in the winter. I may be selling my Boxster shortly but I'd be foolish to bring it to market until next May/June.
  3. I remember seeing KN03 ROT on a BMW Mini Cooper a while back but it seems to have disappeared. In the meantime, I changed my name to HG54RVH by deed poll. It was a cheaper way to get a personal number plate and I don't need to put any black screws on the plate to change any letters ;-)
  4. Pops up quite a lot here. Do a forum search for "Carlos Fandango"
  5. Whole new meaning to the phrase "the painter's are in"
  6. In case you miss it, there is a 7 page feature on John Coates and his TR7 in this months Classic Car mag that landed on my doormat today. (Issue 530). Their website still showing last months (Porsche) edition but no doubt will be updated shortly. Also featured an itch of mine, the 3 litre Capri so plenty of reading to do. http://www.classiccarsmagazine.co.uk/
  7. Lot's of gems in there. The https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bertone_Pirana'>Bertone Pirana (2.20) with it's OAT (outside air temperature) gauge and a "Fasten Seat Belts" sign, aspiring to aeroplane technology. And the little electric Ford Commuta at 2.29 - "only two pedals, couldn't be easier for the wife". Shame battery technology wasn't good enough to support the concept.
  8. My thought is that any tea leaf worth his salt will not be nicking the car by starting it and driving it away so electrickery, missing rotor arms etc no good. A big Krooklock thing is a deterrent but once the car is whisked away, that can be removed with an angle grinder. I preferred the GPS tracker with a geo fencing option. Move the car outside of a 100m radius and the alarm would go off and send an SMS immediately. Discreetly fitted, this would fool anyone lifting it onto a trailer.
  9. A true contender for parking up at Arlington Row in Bibury http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-england-gloucestershire-39466453
  10. Here you go, some names to contact at the DVLA - https://insidedvla.blog.gov.uk/2015/05/29/behind-the-scenes-with-dvlas-counter-fraud-intelligence-team/ I think one of our own may know who he is as well, judging by the sellers last few bits of feedback - http://feedback.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewFeedback2&userid=vw_golf_club&ftab=AllFeedback
  11. The guide on this looks reasonable http://www.barons-auctions.com/auction_details.php?aid=26&cid=1420# Sorry if posted before.
  12. "Project" ha ha! I think I'll email him and ask if it can be towed home or if I need to bring a trailer
  13. Might be worth running until hot, then stop the engine and remove the distributor cap to allow everything to dry out. It's possible there is some moisture in there and this causes the misfire/lack of running when hot. When cooled again, the water just condenses into the nooks and crannies of the distributor only to reappear again when hot. Removing it after a run enables it all to dry out properly. I've experienced this on a couple of older cars.
  14. Why are the previous owners all esquires instead of plain old "misters"? Does esq add perceived value?
  15. Like this - Darren, yes Photoshop CS3
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