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  1. I'm looking also for this part as my car has the spring and a cable tie. Could someone let us know the exact dimensions and post a pic so I can make one from a steel coat hanger ? All the best Mark
  2. It was a mod carried out by the previous owner and Dave is correct in that the theory is to distribute air evenly to both sides
  3. A big Thank you to Bruce, Bill and Dave who helped sort to the mysterious electrical fault. A first time the road has seen so many TR6's
  4. Have recently purchased a TR6 and have taken it out a few times and it always struggles to start from cold Now Ive not used the car for 2 weeks, its garaged but won't start Ignition key in , I can hear the petrol pump from behind me , battery is fine, it turns over but won't fire Im in Burnham / Maidenhead Not sure what to do.. any help would be greatly appreciated Many thanks Mark
  5. Thanks for all your responses, Im now the proud owner of a TR6 Im based near Maidenhead and would like to know where a good mechanic is if I need any minor work and a new MOT in a few months time please. Looking forward to meeting a few at the next local meet
  6. Hi , thanks for all the generous replies My initial call was to John Cowley as is the nearest guy. unfortunately he is really busy and cannot fit it in for at least 2 weeks and then is of to Australia The car is for sale privately on the TR register http://www.tr-register.co.uk/classified/0012/1970-Triumph-TR6pi-150bhp Ill give Simon Andrews a call later
  7. Hi Im based in the Maidenhead / Windsor area and have seen a Leyland White TR6 for sale here that is located in Stourbridge I would like to engage with a mechanic who could look over the car and give me an honest opinion as to any issues the car has and the condition of the car and any problems that may be forthcoming please Im happy to pay for your time and could meet you there this weekend if possible Many thanks Mark 07786 377197
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