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  1. Hi, Try the reg number in google sometimes comes up with a mention.
  2. Hi Paul, I just checked and my early 1964 TR4 with original axle has no drain plug. I was getting oil on my brake shoes and discovered that the breather tube was blocked, pressure builds and only then does it go down the tubes. So you should be ok to remove them. RobG
  3. I still reckon this is a TR3A original bumper and I am about to dump it. Any TR3A owners in Surrey/Sussex area are welcome to have a look and confirm and if they want it to make a reasonable offer will be fine. I am not posting it ! I also have a brand new handbrake gaiter unused.
  4. Take distributor off and attach electric drill slow speed to oil pump driveshaft ?
  5. Jase, on paint. My 1964 TR4 is Triumph Conifer Green code 25 and some panels are still original. I found the Rimmer supplied paint to be very close allowing for age fade and matched the original. Some paint suppliers gave me paint code 25 but it is Rover and is darker. It's a minefield, good luck. RobG
  6. When I purchased my barn stored TR4 it came with a set of replacement panels all date stamped 1988. They were an excellent fit making my inner tub rebuild a lot easier than current panels from what I have read. Hopefully you will find the same. RobG
  7. I have a loop of thin rope on the lever goes thru bulkhead round the windscreen drainage pipe and hangs down inside the trim panel. Same as MikeF and works a treat.
  8. Yes, that is how I installed mine and they work fine. I found a picture on the web somewhere showing the cross section, not easy to find. Will have another look. My description is a taper wedge shape and the thicker wedge in first so it makes pressing the piston in easier and then as you say the brake fluid then has a firmer profile for the fluid pressure.
  9. No problem with that one :-)
  10. My McAfee says that is a dodgy download. Please virus check.
  11. Lovely photo, will be just like mine when I finish it. Same colour as mine I reckon, Triumph Racing Green, also known as Conifer green.
  12. Brian, Great picture. My signature pictures come out too big as well. Edit ok sussed it, edit image. Simples. RobG
  13. Just a mention in case there is anyone out there as daft as me, I put my new badges and letters on and with the engine running they rattle like hell. I got them with little plastic sleeves so I put the badge on, then pushed on the sleeve from the back, Seemed logical at the time, though was a bit fiddly. Rattles. Classic car friend of mine said, Rodney you plonker, put the sleeves in from the top (lots easier) and then push the badges in. Simples. So easy when you know how. BIG confession on my part but I hope will help somebody else. Looks nice now.
  14. Just to be clear here. I fitted my new badges and letters by pushing the rubber sleeve from the back. Doh. Tricky and they rattle when the engine runs. Rubbish. Take 2. Fit the rubber sleeves in the holes, as per Stuart, hence the sleeve lip and then fit the badges letters. Vaseline good. Simples when you know. RobG
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