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  1. I have a Lucas 15ac alternator with a external regulator, and intend replacing with a 18ARC with an internal regulator. Car has been rewired with a RHD TR5 wire loom. Is there a wiring drawing showing the modification required to the wiring
  2. Thanks for all your comment. It appears head will be OK for a PI system for my TR250 with a 219016 head, when head is modified for unleaded i will change exhurst valves from 30.3mm to 32mm and skim if required.
  3. Have a 219016 cylinder head which has been scimed by 70th running on twin SUs with a 311399 cam, will this head be suitable to accept a PI system ? If not suitable can the head be modified.
  4. Thanks for your comment Regards John
  5. Hi Is the 125 manifold with the extra balance pipe and its metering station suitable for my TR250 which is fitted with a 2500 TC head ( head number 219016 ). Head has been skimmed by removing 60th and a 308778 cam fitted. Can these items be up rated for 150bhp if suitable ?
  6. Rod I agree. took many hours of checking / testing but all work as it should, I just hope it work correctly when the engine is running. I am going to have the alternator checked just to make sure is is not faulty. Thank you very much of your time and help. Regards John
  7. Rob This reg was supplied from Moss, but internals not as your drawing. Regards John
  8. Rod I have removed the cover from one of the regs, and B+ and B terminals are connected inside the reg.
  9. Rob Ignition light stays on when brown and green wire removed from reg. Will send reg back to Rimmers and ask for a replacement. Thanks for your help. Is there any way the reg can be bench tested using a multi meter ? Regards John
  10. Rob Run new earth from battery to reg with loom earth disconnected - terminal, no change. No change with the following disconnected :- Coil, oil pressure switch, petrol pump, reverse light switch,windscreen washer pump, stop light switch, flasher unit, and wiper motor wires Both the ignition and oil light work correctly with the brown and red wire removed from the reg Ignition light stays with the brown and yellow wire removed from the alternator, goes out when removed from reg. B+ at reg is always live ( brown and red wire ) as connected battery live at starter solenoid Just notice oil light glows now that it has been removed from rev counter Regards John Regards John
  11. Rob will check and come back to you. Regards John
  12. Rob H disconnect the lamp brown/yellow from the regulator and the light go off and does not come on when ignition is turned on. original incandescent bulb fitted. 4 volt measured at white wire on ignition switch with key removed. tr graham You are correct the the F and neg terminals wire had to be swopped around for the new reg Regards John
  13. You are correct brown/green is connected to F , typing error 4 volts to ignition warning lamp when ignition key switched off, light go off when ignition key switched is switched on, The wiring drawing as you suggest is the one i have been using.
  14. I am in the process of rewiring my TR250 with new RHD loom now that i have converted ithe car to RHD. Lucas 16AC, alternator When ignition is off ignition is on ( only 4 volts from ignition switch ), turn on ignition and ignition goes out and oil light comes on. Replaced 4TR regulator ( 4 terminals ) but still the same. Disconnect alternator still the same. Remove the brown and red wire from the 4TR reg and ignition light never comes. All wires removed from alternator its still the same 4TR black wire to - terminal, Brown and green wire to B+. 2 brown / yellow wires to + connection. Green / yellow to F Every thing else work correctly. As yet have not started the car as no exhaust or carbs fitted. Any ideas ?
  15. Hi The push rods are the same length for both the 2500TC and TR250 as shown on the attached http://www.chriswitor.co.uk/cw_technical/head_applications_chart.pdf Also have a 2500TC inlet manifold which I will be fitted with SU carbs ( jet replaced to suit cam ), also a 123 distributor. It appears from the data sheet that the head can be skimmed by 0.075" then the push rods will have to be changed. Regards and many thanks for your comments John
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