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  1. Due to a few requests from members, I now have compiled a list of 'to do's' to complete the restoration. Go to www.tr6reborn.weebly.com You will find it on the intro page. Richard.
  2. "Only if he brings his cheque book with him!" (..she says)
  3. Kind words Denis, Must admit second thoughts are fighting my sensible hat but there's 3 in this marriage. Richard.
  4. So thats sorted then...thanks for your input Boogie. Regards Richard.
  5. Hi Neil. The link is perfectly safe. Check to see if you have a virus on your machine or disable warning pop ups if you are on Windows. Nobody else has reported any issues .I have also asked a number of friends to try the link and again no warnings. Regards Richard.
  6. Thanks Waldi, Sometimes in life there are hard decision to be made. Just hope someone can finish her to the bench mark I set myself. Good luck with your endeavours. Richard.
  7. Hi Everyone, Without going into details only that they are of a personal nature,I reluctantly need to part with my beloved TR restoration. Most of the serious stuff has been done so would be an ideal project for someone to finish. The detailed restoration blog can be found at www.tr6reborn.weebly.com It takes you to the point where it is now. If interested PM me. Regards Richard Young. (Leics)
  8. Hi Mark, I drilled mine out and will re fit them when paint is done. Let us all know how you get on with Envirostrip. Richard.
  9. Agree with Waldi and Roger...also looking at my original post on this issue,at the time I did find that by taking one of the bolts out of the top ball joint and slightly loosening the other it assumed a steeper angle (with sus drooped) and did remedy the steering tightness to a degree,so my earlier comment on this post regarding the effect on the trunnion being the prime cause of the stiffness of the steering might in fact also point to the top balljoint adding to the problem. I was wondering about the MOT question also. Richard.
  10. Yes,trunnion doesnt like the sidewards pressure put on it on droop...that causes the stiff steering as you found out.. It's all good fun ..honest! R
  11. Hi John, Went through the same issues months back,I would advise you send KYB's back for refund.The only way the problem will be solved is with 305mm length..same as original.I would go for Konis or GAZ as they are correct length....just my two penn'th worth. Regards Richard.
  12. Nice one Mark...will be visiting that operation at some point. Richard.
  13. Mark, Back to shockers.... I finally have gone for GAZ...fitted them and they are the correct dimension when fully extended and nothing binds. Seen good and some negative reports on this make..will only know when rebuild is done. Richard.
  14. Mark, Just to clarify Roger's comment re. top ball joints.Mine were from Rimmers, so I presume they would have been of decent quality and probably same as what Moss stock.Interesting that Moss state that there is no issue if they were of decent quality. At the end of the day, the problem arose simply because the shocks were 330mm and should have been 300mm and the extra drop was causing the top ball joint to bind and cause the stiff steering issue. Yep, send them back.I chose GAZ, more expensive but problem solved. regards Richard.
  15. Good luck Nick..will follow progress with interest. http://tr6reborn.weebly.com/ Regards Richard.
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