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  1. I am interested in a 3.45:1 diff, but I am accroos the pond, also inteested in the OD, but curious about converted Stagg boxes. I currently have a OD in my car, A-type but did not no of the 28% ratios. I don't know how to send a pm.
  2. Guys, thank you, Waldi, Thanks for the pictures, extremely helpful ?, the spring for the fast idle cam I have the wire, but where does it attach to the frame. Guys Thanks again for all the advice
  3. Steve, Thank You, Can you provide me with a picture of the fast idle cam setup?
  4. Hello All' Could some one please send me detailed pictures of the CP PI throttle linkage. Also, which is perfered, the original or the unit from Prestige Injection, I have managed to obtain both, but it looks like the original setup may be easier to setup, I say this because of the way the links are made, in either case I will have to gather additional parts because neither is complete. That is why I'm looking for detailed pictures. any help or advice will be greatly appreciated.
  5. Can the metal facia panel from a TR4A be used in a TR6? I would like to use the dash assembly of the TR4A in my TR6 if it can be done with out to much hassle.
  6. Hello All, Is there some one who makes a throttle linkage like this one ( http://www.prestigeinjection.net/prv.htm ) that Prestige used to make? or is there one that is recommended?
  7. USA-PI

    Engine Boring

    Hello All, Doing a engine rebuild, My Girl Friend is a 73 TR6 VIN# CF 5407 UG, Engine CC-30915-HE, Head FU-218227 have questions; Head Exhaust Valves, what should be the actual correct size, RevingTon TR says they should be 32mm, GoodParts sells 1.255, British Parts Northwest 1.258,(will be adding hardened seats, Bronze guides w/valve stem seals), trying to get a CR of 10:1 Using a unit converter, I get 32mm=1.2598425197, I round that off to 1.260 correct?, And are valve stem seals needed on exhaust valves? Engine current bore is .040, unsure of piston Manufacturer, should I rule out
  8. What size fuel pipe should be used for the return from metering unit to the fuel tank?
  9. Hello to all, can anyone recommend where I can purchase a new OEM petrol injection camshaft. Looking for the one used in the early model TR6 and TR5's.
  10. Hello Andy, Here is the website, http://sctoa.org/SCTOA/Welcome.html We lost a club member earlier this year and his wife is trying to sell his car, it's listed on the website.
  11. I believe that's how they started out.
  12. Andy I am a member of SCTOA and our club is in the process of merging with TRSC which is the other triumph club in southern California, there was a TR6 recently listed by our web-master Mr. Funkhouser, this is his e-mail address jimsgt6@icloud.com
  13. What would be considered the best valve combination upgrade for a early PI setup using the original 150HP cam?
  14. ?, should,(or can) the return from the metering unit be routed to the filter. I've seen routing diagrams the show it routed to a return pipe from the filter to the fuel tank, and I just saw that Rimmer bros sells the pipes and connectors for this installation. My thinking is, since the filter is under vacuum because of the pump, and the US tanks do not have the extra inlets as the EURO tanks, this could be my work around. I plan to route the return from the PRV back to the surge tank, which along with the primary pump I'm using,( facet red top, https://www.pegasusautoracing.com/images/L/FAC-48
  15. USA-PI


    Guys Thank You, So can I screw the PRV directly into the Lucas pump?, or does it have to be a line between the PRV and pump, I have a separate swirl pot,(US tanks do not have a swirl pot), it's one gallon in size,( 3.78541 liters ), it will be filled from tank by a facet red top pump, swirl pot will feed CAV filter, return line from PRV will return to swirl pot, return from filter will also go to swirl, and return from MU will go to fuel tank, and overflow from swirl pot will return to fuel tank.
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