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  1. Anybody want issues 288-302 of the TR Action magazine before I bin them? Im going to Stoneleigh next weekend so can bring them slong.
  2. Hi James, its not so much the AtB thing as the way its been done and then justified. If there are problem members then my view is to sort them out and if that means banning them, so be it. Seems totally unfair to penalise everyone. This forum is the ONLY part of the Register that I use ( and pay to use may I add ). Im not by any means a massive poster and my TR project is on hold at the moment so my intention is not to renew until I restart it and then see if things have improved on here. I too have gone Sideways. Steve
  3. Some of us cannot even get into the Members area despite sending 2 emails in an attempt to find out why not. Used to enjoy the Bar. Looks like its gone total nanny state so Ill not be renewing come the end of the month.
  4. Although Im a long way off needing one....where is the best source of a known good one?
  5. Failing that....the Lucas one can be made to fit.
  6. As long as the rocker ( bit you push ) is ok, you can repair this 😀
  7. Steve T

    Unknown seats

    Found some good used ones 😉
  8. Steve T

    Unknown seats

    Hmmmmm, may be a problem then. Will give em a go and see.
  9. Steve T

    Unknown seats

    Does that cause any problems Niall?
  10. Steve T

    Unknown seats

    Amazingly expensive on the Moss site!!! 😮
  11. Steve T

    Unknown seats

    Think youre right guys. Certainly look like the Moss one. Thanks
  12. Steve T

    Unknown seats

    Hoping to get a picture of the underneath tomorrow, so hopefully thatll shed a bit more light. Thanks for the replies so far though guys. 👍
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