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  1. For anyone interested here is the compression calculator that I used on my last build. It takes account of pretty much every variable and calculates the "dynamic" compression ratio. http://www.not2fast.com/turbo/compression/compression.shtml
  2. My bodyshop owning chum has said the same. He says that treated paintwork is noticeably "harder". It's not just a polish. The first time he came across a Diamonbrite'd car he contacted the company who sent out a full kit for re-application, FOC. He has, since then, treated a number of cars and I have helped him. The hardest bit is the high speed polishing necessary on old paint. On new paint it's no more finicky to apply than any other good polish.
  3. Why not buy a Diamondbrite kit off Ebay and do it yourself? I got a full dealer kit for £30 which includes the two treatment bottles as well as top up polish, glass cleaner, tar remover, leather treatment and Scotchbrite type fabric spray. There's even an LCD panel spray. ( Ha-ha! TR4A.) Your car with it's fresh paint shouldn't need any prior polishing. You won't get the warranty by doing it yourself but you won't get a bill for £500 either. I've done a few and it's not difficult.
  4. I took them off my GT6 to make (frequent) trunnion replacement easier, otherwise I'd likely have left them on. My kit car has GT6 front suspension and has never had brake shields. How's that for a non-committal answer. If you're suffering from brake fade I suspect that a change of pad material would be a better remedy than removing the shields.
  5. Your post brings to mind the scene in the Italian Job where they were fitting spot lamps to the Minis in preparation for the heist. Charlie enquires " Are they quartz iodine?"
  6. The (non?) legality of aftermarket LED conversion is covered on the Autobulbsdirect website. The disparity between "legality" and MOT compliance" is referenced. https://www.autobulbsdirect.co.uk/blog/are-led-headlights-legal-in-the-uk/
  7. I hope so too Roger. There should be a law compelling it. I worked in an Aerospace machine shop, mixed CNC and manual. The accumulated years of skill and experience under the one roof was almost immeasurable. Many were old school and "time-served", having apprenticed at Rolls Royce or Royal Ordnance. Some of the "manual" operators regarded themselves as superior beings, often resulting in a certain "nose in the air" attitude towards we CNC "button-pushers". Different skill sets, that's all. Over the years many were reaching retirement and eventually walked out of the door taking a lifetimes wo
  8. A few years ago a job came into our factory in four very posh and expensive flight cases. Spun titanium hemispheres about a metre in diameter. Satellite fuel tanks. We were to electron beam weld them together and fit and machine a small connecting flange to each resulting sphere. How someone managed to "spin" these into shape is beyond me. The stuff just wants to return to it's original form when deformed. Lots of heat, I suspect, and lots of power!
  9. It sure is! Here is the gearbox remote in action... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WLcTrpQCR7g&feature=youtu.be
  10. As stated above it looks like the sealer was applied too thickly. When I did my tank I put half a litre in and over half of it came back out.
  11. Nice work Marco. My "effort" on my AZ6 6-speeder was a little "agricultural" compared to yours but apart from a slight "notch" between 1st and 2nd it works perfectly. The shortened lever is 130mm forward of its original position.
  12. Does the MX5 box even have a speedo drive cable? I would have thought it would have an electronic sender. I have a solution for this problem but I warn you, it's absurdly complicated.
  13. The usual approach to this type of match up would be to retain the TR flywheel and clutch cover with an MX5 clutch plate. Will the Mazda bellhousing accommodate the TR flywheel or have you got a different plan? What are you going to do about a speedometer drive?
  14. Hi Marco. I didn't need an adaptor plate. I was lucky in that two of the boltholes lined up so I had a head start. I had to remove 8mm from the front face to allow the input shaft to engage the crank. New dowel holes and the remaining bolt holes were drilled using the thin engine back plate as a template. I also had to make an adaptor to re-position the starter motor.
  15. Looks like an MX5 box. I've been involved in similar gearbox/engine mismatch shenanigans myself. Not quite such a mismatch as yours though. First time was mating a Toyota T50 to a 3SGE engine it was never intended for then latterly putting an IS200 AZ6 6 speed box on the same 3SGE engine. The first was achieved by full measurement of both parts on a very, very expensive CMM machine and CNC machining to suit. One advantage of being a CNC machinist working nightshift. Fitted like a glove. Modifying the AZ6 was a more "hands on" approach as I am now retired. Air-hacksaw, grinder e
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