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  1. Hi Laurence,

    Yes I was in the RAN full-time from 1972 until 1998 and then on the Reserves until 2020. Most of my full-time career was in the Fleet Air Arm, flying in Grumman Trackers when we had a carrier and then a couple of years on helicopters off frigates. Then a variety of jobs paying off in 1998 as Commanding Officer of the submarine base in Sydney.

    If you can figure out the cost to package and post to the following we can sort something out.

    15 Henry St

    Leichhardt NSW 2040


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    2. John McCormack

      John McCormack

      Thanks Laurence. Sue and I spent a day in Malvern at the Morgan factory. It was a fun day. Cheers John

    3. Mr Blue Sky

      Mr Blue Sky


      I need your email address and a phone number.  The former is for Aus customs the latter so the courier can let you know of arrival date/time.


    4. Mr Blue Sky

      Mr Blue Sky


      We have missed the window for collection by the  courier for today.  There may be a small window tomorrow, but not certain.  This will slip collection back till Monday 20/6.  Apologies, but away on  a tour of N Ireland with the TR3 + 16 other TR's. 

      Regards, L

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