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  1. Rod, I am interested. How do we do a private message on this forum?
  2. Crawfie, Thank you for the societal rules. Can I get a cold beer or is it really warm?
  3. Thank you all for getting back to me. And thank you for the advice. I am going to have to bone up on my UK geography. I know this is a very very long shot, but it would make such a great experience. And I have mentioned to the wife that since we are going to be so close to Coventry...... What does an international traveler have to do to drive in the UK? And I joined the Register so I will reach out to some of the clubs.
  4. Hello my fellow TR 6 owners from the motherland! My name is Aaron and I live in the states. Since September 2015 I am the proud owner of a 1972 TR6 in Sapphire Blue. I am 44 years old and this is the car I have wanted since I was 10 Years old. In addition to this forum I am on 6-Pack.org and Triumphexperience.com. And here is my crazy request/question. This August my lovely wife and I are celebrating our wedding anniversary in London. We would love to rent a Tr6 for 1-2 days and go to Stratford Upon Avon and toodle around on some English roads. How can we make this happen? Would anyone on this forum want to rent their TR6 to two strangers from the US for a day, maybe two? Or would maybe a few forum members want to join us on a road trip from London to Stratford-Upon-Avon? I know. Crazy, out of the blue. I get it. My wife is an English professor here at the University of Cincinnati and who is going with or without a Triumph. But it would be so much fun. -Aaron
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