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  1. Hi Mike

    how are things

    got the garage sorted (well nearly) in the lockdown

    saw a post about ramps i have a pair spare if you want them also a spare tent

    let me know

    cheers dave

    1. Mg haggerston

      Mg haggerston

      hi Dave,

      Glad you're starting the tr5 resto ,

      have orderded some hydraulic ramps from Cj auto's.

      Have not recovered from the last tent you sold me !!!

      but do need a tent ?


    2. dblenk


      Ok glad everyone is well I can keep the tent for you also no worries will offer the ramps to the group just need the space so no money required

      maybe see you at a meeting now the lockdown is being relaxed starting another list of things for sale if you need anything. Don't have a lot of 6 stuff but let me know



  2. I also have a small single garage, thought about mr1 but seemed to big and bulky. Now thinking about 4 hydraulic ramps and axle stands so as to get all 4 wheels off to do oil change and gearbox topping up ,so car can be level. that is the plan at the moment. michael.
  3. Hi Dave, How about 6 inch revolution wheels ! michael.
  4. unfortunately I don't how thick the garage floor is ,without drilling a bore hole . unless I contact the house builders, there's much to research before buying a lift . it states over 1500 thousand satisfied customers,but that could be worldwide or on village? michael.
  5. yes that's the one ,will have to use wood ramps to clear the lift?
  6. Does anyone have any experience of bh repairs car lift advertising in classic car weekly newspaper for £1200. michael.
  7. hi John had same problem with my tr6,mounted new ignition switch in centre consul ,as per early tr 6. Just leave stearing lock in place ! And leave key in to release lock . You can buy ignition extension loom from most electrical components companies,for tr6. Michael.
  8. rob h,Thanks ,will have a poke around tomorrow,as you can see electrickery is not my strong point. Michael.
  9. hi Roger, top tip for safety,take ashtray out of dash top so you can see smoke !!!
  10. thanks Mike C, I always thought if you switched on high draw it would have a negative result,I've learned something new, I'm a sucker for originality,so stuck with ammeter. Thanks Michael.
  11. who designed ammeters and oil pressure gauges! Have had trouble with both,but over the last year ammeter has driven me crazy it always registers plus 15 Amps with engine running,but when I switch main beam it goes up to 25 amps , but with engine off it registers minus with an electric load , is this something to do with alternator diodes or rectifiers acting up, Faulty earthing or light switch,any help would be most appreciated. Michael.
  12. once the engine has started,it takes about 2-3 seconds to go out.
  13. Crank crack test and regrind is on the far right column,along with thrust washers and bearings. Stage 3 head was fitted in 2000 , when converted To run on unleaded,along with extractor exhaust. car runs fine with no clonks or black exhaust, will try to clean out the oil cooler and prv. will keep informed of future progress! Michael
  14. some of the writing is hard to read. Michael
  15. some of the writing is hard to read. Michael
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