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  1. OK, in case it's helpful to others and risking looking daft...I think the wheels spin freely when the suspension is not hanging-raising the hub to a position more like it would be in when not jacked up, but rather on the road, allows free movement-must be a CV thing!
  2. Hi all, hope you are keeping safe and well. The rear bake adjusters were seized on my 1973 TR6 so I assumed that was what was causing the wheels to bind-very stiff, almost as if the brakes were on constantly. Having spent a few happy hours freeing off the adjusters I find the wheels are still really stiff, even with the brakes definitely off. I ran it in gear on the axle stands to see if it would improve, but no. The diff was rebuilt properly some years ago, I don't suspect it of mischief. The car has CV driveshafts-might they be causing the issue? The hub nut on them is set at 215 lb/f a
  3. John is having some tech gremlins to stay so I am passing on his reply below: Hello Tony, Many thanks for your detailed and prompt responses, they were very much appreciated. Following your instructions I was able to trace the fault down to a breakdown in the insulation in the feed to the wiper motor. This has now been rectified and the whole system works as it should. Thanks again, stay safe and keep virus free, Cheers John
  4. Right, for the benefit of future topic-searchers: checked with ORS and they say the magnet is weak, only deals with tiny particles, so I'll just refit it. Thanks again to Bruce too!
  5. Good idea, done-thanks Bruce!
  6. I am in the process ofchanging the filter in my J type overdrive unit. The original is looking worn out-little splits in it etc. My question is whether I need to change the strip magnet on the sump cover. After cleaning it all up, the magnet is not strong enough to hold small pieces of metal-e.g. a very small screw-but maybe they are weak anyway and hold the (hopefully) tiny pieces of swarf that get in the oil. Anyone know how strong they should be, is it worth changing? I am pretty sure it's 47 years old so maybe it has lost its magnetism. I'm a bit older and my own magnetism isn't what it wa
  7. Thanks for the condolences by the way chaps! Graeme-not sure that is damage, might just be camera angle, other side looks similar in photos. I'll chack later when I can bear to go look again!
  8. No idea about the circled bits, sorry. The tyres are 185/70 Vredesteins-not really oversized surely? Although to be fair it has worn 195/65s on steels most of the time-but considering USA TR6s had 185 tyres neither seem excessive to me.
  9. Hi chaps no idea how it happened, don't remember hitting a major pothole. I might dismantle it all and take a look, but it will need proper repair-maybe a body-off job. Aardvark-not the only one, but there are very few around now!
  10. Out driving yesterday, noise from front followed by new negative camber on front n/s. I think this will need more than some gaffer tape. Anyone had anything like this repaired? Other side looks fine, the car was restored body-off in 1995, including extensive chassis component replacements but I guess they rebuilt only the parts that needed it at that time.
  11. sorry double post
  12. Lot of money-I'd expect that nasty hole in the T shirt section to be put right at least!
  13. You're welcome Constantine. I believe the issue is that the centre-laced wheels have a different offset -i.e. the wheel edge sits level or beyond the wheelarch lip. The 72 spokes sit inside the arches.
  14. I tried the centre laced 60 spoke wires but they stuck out too far for me, although I am using 6mm spacers so I can keep the original wheel studs and swap back to steels whenever I like (Still, 6mm is not enough to bring them in under the wheelarches) I have now fitted the 72 spoke wires and they fit perfectly. The tyres might make a slight difference-in the pics the centre laced wires have 185 65s on and the 72 spokes have 185 70s on. Visually you pays your money and takes your choice. I like the deep rim on the centre laced wheels, but the 72 spokes look good too and more like what Triumph f
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