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  1. Paul they look great So do they just stick on then? Or are there some self tappers hidden somewhere also? Regards mark
  2. Thanks Waldi. I stole the idea from Ed on here. I’m sure I didn’t execute it as well as he did. But it seems to have done the job. And I have you to thank for the colour choice: I sent signal red having seen photos of your car. All the best Mark
  3. Hi Nick. Thanks. I stole the idea from something I’d seen online. For on and off I just made up a bit of metal between the “tone” button (do you remember those!) and the on off button on the Bluetooth module. And for the volume I just put a rubber band round the “tuner” knob- I,e, the right hand spindle, and the knob on the module. I’m not sure how robust the volume control will be. But to be honest I can adjust it from my phone anyway. Cheers mark
  4. Finally the tub is in paint and back on the car. Very satisfying Have been refurbishing all the million other bits on shelves in the meantime - hence my obscure questions about gloveboxes! I also started a blog - more for my own amusement and documentation than anything else. http://markstr6rebuild.weebly.com This forum continues to be invaluable as I wrestle this thing back together.
  5. Thanks all. Hugely appreciated
  6. Quick one. Has anyone found any generic replacements for the glovebox light switch? £19 from Moss seems steep for an item that seems fairly basic. I note some cheap generic switches on EBay and wondered if anyone had used alternates to the £19 variety Alternatively, if if anyone has a spare switch, let me know! Thanks mark
  7. Hi I had expected the glovebox to be hard to fit and it hasn’t disappointed. Question: do the tabs on the glovebox go inside, or outside the metal dash? Ie does it fit: a) outside the metal dash: spire nuts on glovebox and screws through metal into the spire nuts, or: b) inside the metal dash: spire nuts on metal dash and screws through glovebox and into spire nuts. b) seems more logical but my glovebox opening is so large it implies it must fit outside the tabs on the metal dash. Thanks, Mark
  8. Thanks both. Temp, oil, fuel amps it is then.
  9. That’s a third option! Thanks Richard.
  10. Hi Really simple one. While my restoration is in the paint shop I’m refurbing various items whilst I await its return, and have been sprucing up the gauges. A daft question, I know, but from left to right, what order should the small gauges go, in a 1972 PI car? Photos online of cars belonging to others seem to show, left to right: temp, fuel, oil, amps. However the Moss catalogue shows, left to right: amps/volts, oil, fuel, temp, I.e. the opposite Mine came in various boxes. Which is correct? Thanks Mark
  11. Sean mine are all, as you say, pivoted at the top with the needles pointing downwards. And Colin I have the same gauges as you- including the Lucas ammeter. Thanks both
  12. Hi Looking at Moss for the tachometer and speedo cables for a rhd 1972 PI, I see there are two lengths. Out of interest, why is that? I think I can figure out what I need from the old ones (I seem to have the shorter tacho cable but the longer of the two speedo cable options for some reason). But I couldn’t figure out why there were two different lengths. Thanks, Mark
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