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  1. Thanks Stuart. from the vinyl side or from the rear?
  2. Ok. Thanks all. Sounds like it’s the self tappers, with spire clips added to the body. One last question: I'm nervous about drilling the trim panels and wrecking the vinyl. Is it better to drill from vinyl through to hardboard, or drill through from the hardboard side? thanks
  3. Hi I have come to fit the back panel and two quarter panels and am a bit confused. All the guides refer to self tappers. However, although I didn’t have any trim with my project when it first arrived, it’s clear that the body is drilled to take the clips shown in the photo below. There were even some of the old clips still stuck in the body. I believe these are the same ones as in the door panels. The rear three panels don’t have any holes drilled in them. Will these clips slide over the edge of the hardboard? I guess the alternative is to fit spire nuts to the car, and screw it on. I’m working out what’s the best approach and would be interested in the experience of others. The holes in the car look like it was meant to take the clips from the outset. I’ve shown everything that came with the trim kit also thanks Mark
  4. Thanks Stuart. I’ve got hold of TR Shop now also. Much appreciated
  5. Hi i thought I could get away with fitting the old, triplex glass that arrived with my project but on taking a closer look, it has some scratches. In terms of the new laminated windscreens being sold by the likes of Moss, Rimmer’s etc: are they all the same product or are some a better fit? Rimmers is cheaper than Moss, and I can’t get hold of TR Shop at present. Thanks Mark
  6. Yes I think that’s right. But only because that’s the original question I asked and Stuart helpfully replied! i haven’t glued them on yet but I think they just butt up against the cap- it’s just the door seal that tucks in. But I’m sure people more knowledgeable than me will correct me. On mine, the gap is about 5 or 6 mm which means (I think) it should close ok. Like you, one of them is not quite parallel. But not by much. I might try adjusting windscreen frame - haven’t decided yet as it’s marginal.
  7. Hi Gareth. Sorry about the delay. Diameter is about 8 mm. Maybe 7.5 Width is about 24mm They came from TR Shop. photos attached. regards,Mark
  8. Thanks all. Waldi. it’s not the winder it’s just the top of the window clashing with the r.h.s. Windscreen cap (slightly). Paul and Gareth. Will take a look. Thanks Stuart. No hood or hood frame on at present. Windscreen cap is from TR shop. looking at it again, the inside of frame (that the door seal sits on) is bent in a little. I think with a bit of tweaking in can get the window to hit rubber (of the door seal) rather than metal on closing. Will also tweak a little as Gareth did. Thanks again. Love this forum.
  9. Hi I’ve bought the thinner of the two seals available, which is a P shaped profile. See photo. Am I right in thinking the window sits INSIDE the round part of the seal as shown? I can sort of understand that it would be sealed on the outside by this, and on the inside by the door frame rubber but wanted to check. Secondary question is: My right hand window is rattling against the windscreen frame top cap when shutting the door. Is this because I have the window coming up higher than it should? I can’t see how the door frame rubber could stop the window hitting the cap given it’s tucked inside the windscreen cap. Thanks Mark
  10. Thanks all. much appreciated.
  11. So I’m going to be starting the interior shortly- vinyl and carpet, and have read everything I can find in advance. First question I had was: on the wheel arch covers, do people glue the foam to the vinyl first, then trim the combo to fit?Or glue the foam to wheel arch, followed by the vinyl? I’m sure both are fine, but I’m interested in what people have found easiest. Thanks mark
  12. On this. Although I’d bought the spire nuts from TR Shop, in the end, given I would have needed to file out the holes, I used Rivnuts- copied from Ed.
  13. Over the next few days I’m going to tackle installing the seals for the door windows. I’m aware from prior threads it’s not easy and also aware I need to make a tool. Door cards are off as I’m rebuilding the whole doors- plus the interior. Quick Q. Is it easier to do the inner ones before outer, or vice versa? Or doesn’t it really make much difference? Just thought I’d ask those that have already done it. Thanks Mark
  14. Perfect. Thanks all. Much appreciated
  15. Hi Has anyone got any photos of doors with just paint at top and no door caps? I thought I’d seen a thread with some examples but can’t find it. Starting to think about interiors... Thanks mark
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