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  1. Thanks Waldi. Hadn’t seen that. Will search now
  2. I’m just fitting the radiator shroud on my 1972 pi Where should the two air intake hoses that are the input to the air filter be mounted? I’m unclear whether the two intakes should be pointing towards the grill (say) or up into the engine bay. Moss show a retaining clip but it’s unclear to me what it should be attached to. Thanks Mark
  3. Thanks both. Stuart I hadn’t realised there were different thicknesses of poly spacers. Will investigate. Regards
  4. Hi Has anyone had experience of fitting one of the aluminium rear spring spacers? https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/spacer-rear-spring-aluminium-0431-mm675-065.html?assoc=130981 I had two questions: - Do they go at the top, or the bottom of the spring? - Do they replace the standard top and bottom rubber collars, or sit inside them? Thanks mark
  5. Thanks for pics. Look pretty straight and parallel to me (unlike mine) thanks for quick response. Much appreciated
  6. Hi So the hood frame is pretty much the last major item in my restoration, and it’s not in great shape- literally. Can I ask: the main links at the back (items 61&62 in the Moss diagram shown). Should they be pretty much straight up, vertically when viewed from the front and back? As my picture shows, mine are bent significantly (as are the links further forward). You will see how it’s throwing the mounting bracket out at an angle. I also can’t get the mounting bracket to rotate into its correct position for mounting and suspect it’s all down to bent links. Before I attempt to
  7. Thanks both. Hugely appreciated.
  8. Hi When my car was at the Bodyshop, the painter inadvertently filled in the two mounting holes for the rear triumph badge. Can anyone provide measurements please, so I can re- drill them. Happy to take measurements either for the holes (if anyone has one with the badge already off) or for the badge. From looking at photos it looks like the left hand side of the badge lines up with the red light lens, and vertically it’s half way between the light and the boot lid but I’d prefer to check. Thanks Mark
  9. Thanks Stuart. from the vinyl side or from the rear?
  10. Ok. Thanks all. Sounds like it’s the self tappers, with spire clips added to the body. One last question: I'm nervous about drilling the trim panels and wrecking the vinyl. Is it better to drill from vinyl through to hardboard, or drill through from the hardboard side? thanks
  11. Hi I have come to fit the back panel and two quarter panels and am a bit confused. All the guides refer to self tappers. However, although I didn’t have any trim with my project when it first arrived, it’s clear that the body is drilled to take the clips shown in the photo below. There were even some of the old clips still stuck in the body. I believe these are the same ones as in the door panels. The rear three panels don’t have any holes drilled in them. Will these clips slide over the edge of the hardboard? I guess the alternative is to fit spire nuts to the car, and screw it on. I
  12. Thanks Stuart. I’ve got hold of TR Shop now also. Much appreciated
  13. Hi i thought I could get away with fitting the old, triplex glass that arrived with my project but on taking a closer look, it has some scratches. In terms of the new laminated windscreens being sold by the likes of Moss, Rimmer’s etc: are they all the same product or are some a better fit? Rimmers is cheaper than Moss, and I can’t get hold of TR Shop at present. Thanks Mark
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