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  1. Thanks both. So I obviously routed the windscreen wiper clear pipe incorrectly. Which hole does that go through then? The one I have the oil gauge pipe coming through?
  2. Hi Quick one: does the oil pressure gauge pipe come into the car: 1) though the same hole I’ve got the Rev counter cable coming through 2) through the small hole I’ve got it coming through in this picture 3) some other route Thanks
  3. Pretty much. There is not a lot in it. Without the rubber, the bonnet fits fine. Perhaps, on close inspection, the middle could be marginally higher, whilst the edges are in line, but there’s not a lot wrong when minus the seal. But the thickness of the rubber is enough to keep it proud in the middle. I might try your block of wood trick, although the car is painted now so I’m a bit reticent. I did offer up an off cut from the boot runner (I.e. round tube on top) and that was better - it allowed the bonnet to get a bit lower. Although I think I’d still need to lengthen the bonnet catch in order to latch. Regards Mark
  4. I tried it both ways Stuart. Am I right in thinking it points towards the rear? Either way, the bonnet doesn’t shut. Are you aware of any different profiles/ smaller rubbers? It seems to be too high in the middle Thanks
  5. Yep. Mine is a 1972 rhd UK registered PI.
  6. Thanks Ed. Missed that. Thick end at the front. Dave wins ! thanks all
  7. Hi i can see that the side flashers are handed. But which way round do they go? Thick end at the front (to make them parallel to car) or thick end at back (to accentuate the angle of the wing)? thanks
  8. Is this the right profile? Looking at a lot of images online, the pictures of the bulkhead: bonnet seal look a different profile. Thanks Mark
  9. Hi i bought a bonnet rubber- for the rear, ie on the bulkhead by the bottom of the windscreen. A 2 minute job to put it on, but now my (newly painted) bonnet won’t close. Anyone else have this problem? The rubber seal was from Moss. Are there maybe thinner ones I should look for? It seems more of an issue in the centre, near the battery, than at the sides. Without the rubber, the bonnet fits well Thanks mark
  10. Thanks For the offer Steve. I think I probably have what I need now as Waldi kindly sent me some photos. Cheers Mark
  11. Thanks Cameron. Much appreciated
  12. That’s interesting Stuart. Why’s that? Is it because the paint is still curing or something? Thanks. Mark
  13. Cheers Sean And yes: having stripped the hard top, had it bead blasted and primed I realised I was never going to use it even if I refurbished it, so am going to put it on eBay. Unless anyone on here wants it, obviously. The only caveat is that it had some ripples when it came back from the blasters so it needs some work.
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