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  1. Let us know how you get on Steve - and post a pic of the Honda ! All the best
  2. steve_TR6 - message sent cheers Matt
  3. Solder or crimp - just make sure its done properly ! Working on my Austin Mini project during lock down and have spent a large amount of time trying to chase down an electrical fault to the rear off side indicator - bought this as an abandoned project - PO was a bit of a "maverick" and eventually gave up on the car (brake calipers fitted upside down - multiple brake compensator valves fitted ) - loom looked to be in excellent condition - possible even new - eventually found the problem in the rear pillar badly wrapped in electrical tape) - personally I solder brass bullets and use the ori
  4. Chris B PM sent - regards Matt
  5. Revingtons no longer do their spraying "in house" (probably not for quite a few years ) https://www.revingtontr.com/workshop-facilities
  6. on ebay US motors https://www.ebay.com/itm/1976-Triumph-TR-6-Convertible/323940974627?hash=item4b6c630023:g:IwQAAOSwerZdm5rN ebay US no. 323940974627 looks pretty solid and "honest" and cheap- even allowing for the import charges - though the lack of a title would need checking
  7. http://www.cardustcovers.co.uk/car_covers/ I've had the same had a metex car cover for my MGA for over 30 years and been very happy with it
  8. Taken from the UK ESSO website - https://www.esso.co.uk/fuels-faqs The majority of unleaded 95 Octane petrol sold in the UK contains up to 5% ethanol as required under the Government’s Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO). There is currently no requirement for renewable fuel (such as ethanol) to be present in super unleaded (97 grade petrol). Esso super unleaded petrol (Synergy Supreme+ Unleaded 97) is ethanol free (except in Devon, Cornwall, the Teesside area and Scotland). We would therefore advise anyone who has concerns about the presence of ethanol in petrol to use Syner
  9. Thanks Magnus Pics and links are really helpful cheers Matt
  10. That is good news re mintylamb web site being back up - often came across links to it which wouldn't work Magnus - would be interested in any pics you can put up ? - I have a acquired a pair of TR7 HS6's for future fitting
  11. Also meant Algorithm (Benford Law ?) - 15 years in IT and I still need aversion therapy ....... I've done the same Hamish, so hopefully should be removed soon
  12. Same old story - a proliferation of clearly fraudulent cars on E bay at the moment ! I normally report them as when I see them but I'm losing the will ! ( there are only so many hours one can fritter away surfing the net......) Come on E bay surely you make enough cash to be able to set up a logarithm to spot these adds ? !
  13. That's good to know you had good service from Kingstown as well Graham I'm currently using Kingstown for the importation of the Bonneville I've bought on the basis of the good service they provided when importing my 6 - ask for Mark Cowley There are so many temptations on craigslist !!! cheers Matt
  14. Pete Try this for the USA to USA port https://www.uship.com/ - essentially logistics company will quote you but remember Uship are a 3rd party and you need to satisfy that you chosen logistics are OK - (normally via there feedback) When I imported my TR6 I used - http://www.kingstown-shipping.co.uk/ and can recommended them - personally I would contact the shippers first as they will advise you of which US port your chosen vehicle can be moved to and which UK port it can be brought into and what costs are involved - the 6 I imported was a non runner and this doe
  15. Rather than "converting" it Hamish, I'll probably just ride it backwards....... !
  16. Apologies for the Off Topic but can wait for this TR6 to turn up ! (currently sitting in a Warehouse In New Jersey) 1971 TR6 T120R Bonneville
  17. FYI from the Esso website - https://www.esso.co.uk/fuels-faqs Regarding Ethanol - I tend to use the Esso super unleaded - Sunergy Supreme +- in all most everything that I own with a engine (including the Suffolk Punch ....) Personally I feel anything that gets laid up (or little use) over winter would benefit from this (I believe the Ethanol element in unleaded is hygroscopic and therefore absorbs moisture from the air) This was after having to rebuild the carbs on my MGA including most of the rubber fuel pipes. "other fuels are available" but I have no
  18. https://www.revingtontr.com/product/148095sh/name/second-hand-gear-lever-tr5-6 Revingtons normally have all sorts of second hand stuff out back in the shed
  19. Hello Mark I notice that Moss list 2 different "joint washers - centre to corners" for UK and US cars ? (though the US spec ones are not available from Moss) I don't suppose there a different thickness ? and if this has any relevance to Harrington bumpers ? https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/washer-bumper-joint-centre-to-corner-623824.html?assoc=128212 just a thought regards Matt
  20. https://www.revingtontr.com/product/814459shpc/name/second-hand-pc-bumper-iron-tr6
  21. Thank you Stuart for providing the link ( I spent 17 years in IT - my life skills lie else where.......!) Box serial is - 22/61711/056103 B - according to the seller If anyone has a J type OD box (Sprint - saloon - Stag ) for sale, please let me know Cheers Matt
  22. Absolutely nothing to do with me but as per title heading - ebay number 132948265903 Caveat Emptor !
  23. that's what I thought Tom Matt
  24. set of whats said to be tr4a seats on ebay - nothing to do with me https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/143102629542
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