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  1. Ive got a set if your still looking Tony
  2. Hi all Just a quick question Is the starting handle the same item for the tr3 and the tr3a? Thanks again Tony
  3. Hi Ive put a pair of aero screens on ebay if anyone is interested Dont know how to put a link to them but theyre on there! Tony
  4. Hardtop now listed on ebay Sorry but could not log into the classified section to list if on the forum Tony
  5. Where are you located? Paul

    1. Tonyloz



      The hardtop is located in the NE of england....middlesbrough is the nesrest big town


  6. Thanks guys I think ill put in on the ebay in a few weeks with 500 reserve and see what hsppens Tonyi
  7. Hi all Ive got an original Tr3a steel hardtop that is surplus to requirements Its stripped down and in primer but has the alloy side finishers and a brand new rear screen to be fitted...no seals Question is how much is it worth? What do you think? Thanks Tony
  8. Hi Andrew I was hoping it would be the later head with the champhered combustion chamber so its not what im after Thanks for your time on this Tony
  9. Yes got yours but i cant send mine to you...says you cant recieve my message Anyway is the head still for sale? Any photos thanks Tony
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