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  1. Roger (with alien hat) on a unicycle, now that is something I would like to see! Vicky x
  2. Thank you, Stuart, that looks like just the ticket. As Ben said, changing the heater position was one of those jobs we should have, but didn't get round to.....self inflicted pain. Last time it wasn't so cold on the RBRR and we got away with it, but this last event proves we really must get on with the job. It is a bit like fitting the hard top, which we had planned to do, but didn't. Rest assured, it will be on next time! Vicky x
  3. Lovely to see you at the start, Roger! It was only about 6 hours earlier that it was sweltering! It got cold very quickly and it was like sitting in a blast chiller.... ('rbrr' is an anagram for 'brrr'). In the picture Ben took I've got a long sleeved top, three jumpers, two coats, two hats and two pairs of trousers (the outer pair designed to be worn in the arctic!) on!! . I thought we had blocked up all the holes with bathroom sealant and duct tape, but the wind still howled though. I have been with Ben for thirty years, and this is the first time I have ever seen him shiver......he was jibbering! It was a cracking event, though! The car was absolutely superb, didn't miss a beat and was a complete joy to drive. Ben was also a complete star and soldiered on having been very poorly during the week leading up to the start and suffering with a bad chest and sinusitis during the event. Seeing Iain with the two i's at Badgers Arse gave us a big lift, I wish we could have chatted for longer. Ben took a few more pictures, which I'm sure he will post in due course. Vicky x
  4. Wow! What an amazing achievement, very well done! What a beautiful car, too. I want one!! Vicky
  5. Have a good TRip Diane! Lovely to see you last week and I will catch up with you when you get back. Big hugs, Vicky xx
  6. Love it! They must have had such fun making that.
  7. Sounds like a good excuse for a party! That is a lovely picture of your car, Don. Vicky xx
  8. I'm sure I don't snore that loudly?
  9. Hi Richard, Yes, it is this month, hope to see you there for a belated birthday pint! With regards to getting a pass from the Boss, here are some tips.... (the order is important!). 1. Book a family holiday / set aside some time where they will have your undivided attention. Then you are putting family first (lots of brownie points). 2. Will the kids be on hols by 11 July?......if so, can the Boss + kids have (another!) holiday, perhaps a visit to the maternal grandparents, or go somewhere with the Boss's best friend and their kids. Result = grown ups drink lots of wine and are happy, kids play with each other and give the grown ups a break. They then have fun and forget that you are away having fun too. 3. If 2 above won't work, invite maternal grandparents down to stay while you are away. They can then help the Boss with kids/life so she's not under too much pressure without your support, and she gets to see her parents...........result! Now all you need to do is spend your brownie points, book the time off work, get your co-driver organised and come out to play! We were hoping you might be up for making a team!!! See you in a couple of weeks, Vicky xxx
  10. Roger, What did you expect? The clue to your musical problem is in the name! ..........I'll get back to my knitting and kittens Vicky xx
  11. Dear Roger, Please may I borrow your car for our pantomime? I have studied your music score, and without doubt, your car is playing 'tico tico‚Äč'. https://youtu.be/lU7tt8BSe-c If i could park it in the wings and turn the engine on at the right time, it would sound just perfect. Your car is obviously much more musically talented than I am. Vicky xx
  12. As most of you know, Ben and I have always named our cars, usually based on making a word out of the (non personalised) number plate. My daily driver's last 3 are XES, and however hard you try not to be dyslexic, the brain only sees SEX. Ben has a company car, which is changed every 3 years, so when the new one arrived last year, I got home from work to find PN16 SEY parked on the drive. Well, the first word that came into my head was inappropriate, so I asked my sister and teenage niece to take a look and tell me the first word that came into their heads. Their answer was the same as mine, but they suggested toning it down by calling it 'Willy' instead. So we have a Willy and Sex on the drive and Geoffrey in the utility room. Vicky (aged 12 )
  13. Congratulations to Richard (Rhino_mac) on winning the Pride of Ownership for sidescreen cars at the Wessex Group meeting tonight. Another trophy for the mantelpiece to go with the one he won at the recent Dorset Group event. JSK looked superb and you should be very proud of your lovely car! Thank you to the Wessex Group for organising such a fun event. It was a lovely evening - good company and a delicious barbeque and it was nice to be joined by members of the Thames Valley Group too. 26 TRs gathered at Anderwood in the forest, 25 of them beautifully presented, all polished and shiny and one rather scruffy one, still covered in Czechoslovakian dust and with lots of European insects splatted all over the windscreen . Ben is away with work, but said I could take the TR along......what I now think he really wanted me to do was to clean and polish it for him, but he was being far too subtle! Well done to all the winners tonight, and to everyone who put the time and effort into making their cars look lovely. It was a great competition!
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