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  1. Thanks Stuart..... half nut? meaning a thin lock nut or: “a screw nut split lengthwise so that either one part may be arranged to ride on a screw or the two parts may be arranged to clamp about a screw”
  2. Just seen a previous post... another confused owner...
  3. A couple of years ago a local garage repaired the master cylinder and topped up dot 5 fluid with dot 4! As result I have just fitted: new master cylinder, servo, callipers and rear cylinders. I have also bought a set of “Classic” Goodridge hoses and need some advice re fitting.. 1) the box contained a bag of 7 nuts, 1 copper washer and one end to end threaded union... seems a strange mixture! 2) because the fixings on each end of the hoses are fixed I have worked out how to replace them at the front but looking at the arrangement on the rear I am stumped how to do it. Can someone please point me in the right direction? Haynes manual doesn’t cover it. cheers Rob
  4. It was very confusing when I purged the system.... there was a label tagged to the master cylinder which stated Dot5...the fluid that came out the other day is a gold/brown colour which I assume is not Dot 5 (usually purple?). I had topped up with Dot5 when I changed the near side calliper 2 years ago on the basis of the tag and maybe I caused the problem then... The master cylinder has been leaking and damaged the metalwork underneath which I have now renovated.
  5. Thanks fellas... I thought using compressed air through the front and rear circuits would have cleared the pipe work ... is there a better way to do it our some sort of fluid that could prepare the lines for silicone dot5 fluid... I will need to dismantle the 2 year old calliper and clean it out manually but otherwise, all the other components will be new. Rob
  6. My brakes have recently become very hard and useless so I have replaced the: 1) master cylinder 2) servo 3) rear cylinder units 4) offside front calliper (nearside was replaced a couple of years ago) I have drawn off the fluid from the pipework using a vacuum pump at each wheel and then connecting my air compressor to the two pipes that would normally connect to the master cylinder. (I have been advised not to pedal pump it out) Which fluid should I use? I understand that Dot 5 is not corrosive but is hard to bleed and has a spongey feel? Having replaced so many parts, I now want to make the right choice. Cheers, Rob
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