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  1. If the oil cooler is to be fitted in front of the rad it should be as tight as possible( without touching) due to air turbulence as mentioned above
  2. Hope it’s that simple, just a shame about stripping interior down to get at
  3. Hi all, just taken the 4 out for a spin before the rain comes and upon approaching a roundabout discovered I had lost first and second gears! Managed to limp home in remaining 2 but before I start dismantling any ideas? ( sheared bolt?) The gearbox has just been rebuilt (not by me).
  4. Expensive but if going EFI would go for the Jenvy fuel injected Webber copies
  5. Hi, the ARP studs and nuts are a great bit of kit, just remember to vigorously clean the threads in the block, use an old stud and cut 2/3 slots down length of threads and plenty of penetrating oil
  6. Hi, looks like I will try one of the cheaper windscreens and hope it’s better sized.
  7. Yes, rubber on glass, all lubed, 2 person job as 1 applies pressure other pulls out cord feeding rubber edge over frame
  8. Hi all, can someone advise me on the best place to get a correct sized windscreen for my TR4. Bought a new triplex screen and seal from a well known Triumph spares shop as my old one was cracked, before fitment I measured against old unit and noticed was larger all round but assumed the new rubber would take this into consideration. CRACK! Just broke the new screen trying to fit. Fitted plenty of old screens/windows before using the old paracord trick but not this time.
  9. Hi, from the photo taken can’t you separate the pump from the housing so you can take the nuts off as you pull the pump further off
  10. Recommend Pete Burgess for head work, just off junction 28, M1. Very happy with the work done to my 4.
  11. As above just get yourself some angle-iron
  12. Hi, the wheels look like Image split rims
  13. Thanks for the advice, think moss have a sale on at the moment
  14. Hi all, my engine re-build is finally finished apart from a rocker cover, I need an alloy version due to having roller rockers fitted, Ive got a Racetorations billet version on order but these could take another year to be manufactured. My question is whats the next best option, have heard a lot of the cheaper offerings leak.
  15. Hi Roger, thanks for the reply, have had this discussion many times already, Revington suggests no damper, but racetorations and Tr enterprises both do, I also realize that that due to supercharging the engine that I will never need to rev beyond 5000 to get good power. Maybe it's just me being anal but having spent a fair few quid on the engine it justs put my mind at ease even if I don't need it.
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