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  1. Thanks Graham It came out of a TR4 but would fit a 4a,5 or 6. Regards John
  2. FIA/MSA rear roll over bar with diagonal and harness bar for sale. I have tried to put it under Classified but cannot upload the photos. £250 ono I will send photos by email if required located in Northamptonshire John Weedon
  3. I would remove those K & N mini filters they do not help with the pressurising I had a similar problem with a new engine removed the filter and end of problem. Regards John
  4. Hi Mick I would prefer to keep it in the Register so will probably take that route. Thanks for the advice. Regards John
  5. Hi Hamish There is a queue forming headed by my 9 year old grand daughter! Regards John
  6. Hi All I intend converting my Hardtop/Ragtop back to a normal hood etc. It is brg in first class condition in aluminium fully trimmed with all the seals and the rear chrome trim Both the rear screen and the top are aluminium with a perspex rear screen The soft top is 2 years old made to measure and is slightly non standard in that the rear edge is secured by poppers not the integral bar. The reason for doing this was that it was nigh on impossible to do up the thumbscrews because of the roll cage. My question is what might be the value of the above and where is the best place to sell it? Regards John
  7. I couldn't agree more it is much much cheaper to buy an existing competition car and no I don't want to sell mine! Regards John
  8. Hi Hamish My understanding is that it is OK but the more knowledgeable (like Mick) will no doubt advise Regards John
  9. Unfortunately I recently had an argument with a large pheasant which at 50mph put a large dent in the valance. Does anyone have one that they do not want either with or without aperture part numbers 850406 or 812030? Many Thanks John Weedon
  10. I was very sorry to hear the news of Alec I had known him for more years than I care to remember albeit on an intermittent basis. Alec was larger than life and whilst I may not have agreed with his politics meeting him was always entertaining. My very best wishes Diane and Tom. Regards John
  11. Help!!! Going on a trip to France next Thursday and taking the TR for the first time. Trying to be a good boy and comply with lighting regs so bought some stick on adaptors. The trouble is the instructions are indecipherable to me and do not list any Triumph. I have sealed beam units any idea where I stick them (on the headlights of course!) Regards John
  12. Hi All This is a bit of a story so bear with! About 10 years ago I bought an Edge starter for my Hillclimb Tr4 from Cambridge Motorsports duly fitted it and all was fine for a couple of years after which it started playing up particularly when the engine was red hot (it had a full bore competition exhaust very close to the starter) I reached the conclusion probably wrongly that the starter was faulty and bought another one. Shortly after that my car sadly went up in flames so never got the opportunity to prove/disprove my theory. Any way I gave the starter to an electronics engineer friend of mine who thought it would fit his Davrian Imp - it didn't ! He checked it over and could find nothing wrong with it so I am inclined to think the car was causing the problem not the starter. If anyone is interested bearing in mind the above I would sell it for £75 plus carriage. The new ones are £215 plus carriage It is currently located in Uckfield East Sussex. Regards John
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