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  1. Paulsb


    Hi, does anyone know where these come from? I'm coming to the end of the build and I've got these left! I can't remember taking them off and I've no idea where they go. Any help/ideas very much appreciated
  2. spl near dudley 01384 242010
  3. i have a totally rebuilt tr6 engine spare that i need to sell with a cc prefix
  4. so if i mount it on a drop down device under the car should i make it suck or blow?
  5. just about to put the new loom and elecs back in after the rebuild and i dont know which fan to order suck or blow,any help would be gratefully received thanks.
  6. jochems pictures look like the revingtons ones
  7. evening all,a question if you please i know you only get what you pay for but i have been looking at adjustable trailing arm brackets, moss and rimmers are around £200.00 a set and revingtons are almost £ 500 just wondered why as there does"nt seem to be a clue in the pictures any information would be appreciated thanks in advance.
  8. Paulsb

    tr6 instruments

    thanks for the help i will make some phone calls.
  9. Paulsb

    tr6 instruments

    hello all,not much of a contributor but i drop by nearly every day to read what everybody else has to say and now i have a question if you please, i need to get my instruments refurbed or replaced does anyone know where i might get this done please.
  10. mines april 72 (us model)it has a steering lock on the column.
  11. there is device(a short strap) that will clip into your existing seat belt that is designed to restrain your dog safely for you both. they are available on ebay and amazon.
  12. totally rebuilt engine bearings,bores new pistons and rings,cylinder head also rebuilt and converted to run on unleaded.anyone know what its worth.
  13. Something has just occured to me so another question,will i have any problems i wonder when i apply for a uk logbook because of the two engine numbers.?
  14. panic over,it turns out its a cc engine number its not the one it left the factory with according to the heritage certificate but i can live with that,thanks for the replies though.heritage certificate states number as...cc81936-he but actual number is cc 28835-he from 1969 i think; .
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