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  1. I have owned my TR6 for over 20 years and it has given me much pleasure. When I first bought the car in 1998, it had a number of additions switches fitted in front of the gear stick. (See picture). One of which said “interior fan” which turns on a small fan to the right of passenger in the foot well. It never seemed to make much sense to me, however I wondering if the effect of the negative pressure in the cabin with the top down is neutralised when it’s turned on. I have been trailing this theory in the last few days and indeed it does seem to help. I’m sure there are expert on this gro
  2. This is a really interesting discussion, I wondering if I should try to seal my rear lights too. Please can you tell me more about how you did this please? The fumes in the cabin are beginning to annoy me! best wishes to all
  3. Farly6

    Petrol Smell!

    Finally think I may have bottomed this one out. Firstly I have changed the exhaust system to a Phoenix single pipe sports, from the old “Wheel barrow” type double pipe system which are more central. This appears to have stopped my clothes smelling like an exhaust pipe. The new exhaust system sounds a lot better whilst quieter it is a much better sound. Secondly, I have also changed many of pipes to from the fuel pump, both top of bottom of the tanks. Fuel smell in boot much better. Finally. I have also filled the hole in the oil filler cap. Thank you to the rather brilli
  4. Farly6

    Petrol Smell!

    I have been trying to sort out this issue for ever and getting no where fast! So I'm appealing for help. I have tried to find a discussion forum about this but cant.. so here goes. I am the owner of a late model UK CR TR6, which has standard fuel injection and a fast road cam. It has the twin tail pipe sports exhaust. The problem is that the boot is constantly smells of petrol. Its so bad that you cant really put bags in the boot. I have replaced many of the pipes around the Bosch fuel injection pump, fitted proper petrol pipes and petrol clips and the seals in the tap in the bottom o
  5. Roger The pipes seem fine to me. Not sure the fast idle is really solved, but will wait for a hot day to test! I may wait a long time. best
  6. Think I may have solved this mystery, the rubber balance pipes between the inlet/injectors are old, soft, and appear to be leaking air. The closest one to the engine directly over the exhaust manifold are the worst. Will give this a try. best wishes all
  7. Thankyou Peter, Jerry, Tim and Stuart So it look s like the next thing I should do is "burp" the system, can anyone give me a Duffers guide to "burping" please? The car has a standard PI with the standard plenum and intake hose. it is not sucking in hot underbonnet air blown back by the fan, as the air intake via the standard air filter is in front of the radiator. I think I also need to check the gap between the fan and the radiator. I think I need to check the manifold when hot, or perhaps cold as well. Best wishes all!
  8. Thanks everyone for the help and advice on this thread today, unfortunately I've still not got to the bottom of the increasing idling speed when the engine gets hotter in traffic. The idle speed is still slowly increasing when the electric fan runs. The next plan is to check the vacuum from the manifold to the servo. I have so far extensively rewired, and added a relay for the Kenlowe Fan, checked all the inlet manifold for fitting. Its so all very frustrating, but not in surmountable I suspect.
  9. Thanks everybody for all your help and advice. I will deal with the electrical issues first. Best wishes Farly6
  10. Roger I live in Fulham, Best wishes Charlie
  11. Kenlowe is definitely blowing inward which is the right way, I would think. Given its running well in normal road use I don't think its tuning.
  12. I have recently had my engine completely rebuilt, and its clearly a lot tighter. In normal running the temperature needle stays very firmly in the middle. I have a Kenlowe fan which comes on in the normal way as the temperature climbs in traffic (I live in West London), however, initially the temperature remains broadly under control, but after a few minutes the temperature starts to rise, and putting the heater on doesn't help, it might make it worse. At the same time idle speed starts to climb from the normal 850/900 level, and will build to 1500/1700, before I turn it off to cool down. The
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