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  1. Bazza

    Gearbox Oil

    Many thanks for all this. Looks like a few options. Cheers
  2. Bazza

    Gearbox Oil

    Thanks chaps, I'll go for the Penrite
  3. Bazza

    Gearbox Oil

    Thanks for the replies so far. I can get 85/140 would this work
  4. Bazza

    Gearbox Oil

    I'm looking to change the gearbox oil and the manual recommends 90/140. But this seems to be impossible to get. Suggestions for an alternative? Thanks.
  5. Bazza

    Dash Top Pad

    Thanks for the advice Gents. Looks like this might take a while
  6. Bazza

    Dash Top Pad

    Thanks Gents. Is this easy to remove and can it be done in one piece.
  7. Bazza

    Dash Top Pad

    I'm trying to replace the top facia pad on 1973 TR6. I've got the wooden dash loose following instructions from the workshop manual. But the top pad is proving very hard. The instructions in the manual don't fully cover it and searching on line brings other instructions but again its still fixed solid. I've found five bolts not mentioned anywhere else. along the front edge but still don't budge, is there likely to be any more fixings holding this down. My replacement one doesn't have any fixing on it. Ideas gratefully received. Feb 73 CR 410 O Thanks Barry
  8. Beware of ebay. I received all the notifications that I had won an auction only to find out that someone else had contacted the seller claiming they were the winner and the object was dispatched to them.
  9. Its not connected to the cable but the lug protruding from the side. This has the lever attached to it.Looks just like mine that's why I noticed
  10. Interesting photo Saffrontr as it looks like the article from 1975 shows a second bonnet release, something I've just done and known about for 40 years.
  11. Bazza

    Which coil

    new sports coil and high performance HT leads fitted and misfire seems to have gone. out for 40 mile drive and not one misfire. out again tomorrow so hopefully all good.
  12. Bazza

    Which coil

    Just waiting for new coil and HT leads to arrive and may look at changing location. I'll let you know how it goes.
  13. Bazza

    commission number

    Mine is CR 410 O and is on the inner left hand wing. I thought mine was odd being there, built 1972 registered February 73. I also does not have a steering lock which I thought came in in 1971.
  14. Bazza

    Which coil

    I'm in the process of trying to get to the bottom on an intermittent misfiring fault when hot on my 1972 TR6. It runs fine when cold/warm but sometimes when hot the dreaded misfire starts at anything over 2800 rpm. Below this and again its fine hot or cold. New electronic ignition, distributor cap and plugs hasn't helped. I believe the coil was replaced at the same time and wondered if it was the right one. There are no markings on it and the terminals are shiny new so I think it was replaced. Was this the right one though. I've measure the resistance across the low voltage side and get 3.3 ohms, indicating a non-ballast type. Is this likely to be the right one? I'm about to change the HT leads as well. Thanks.
  15. Bazza


    Thanks. Very interesting
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