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  1. Roger thank you, it was the lack of oil!
  2. This showed up on the the Vintage Sorts car Club forum. I advised him to join the TR Register TR3A Following a comprehensive rebuild the TR been going really well and pleasure to use. However it has suddenly developed a very annoying and embarrassing fault in that accelerating away there is a sudden loss of power that takes a few seconds to recover began intermittently now doing it all the time. Air leak? New hoses to the new brake servo and seemingly intact pipe to the auto advance? Any ideas anyone?
  3. I bought an e-bac dehumidifier some years ago, and put it in our two bay brick garage with open eaves, One of my mates asked me if I was trying to dry Norfolk. To work they need a sealed garage, preferably insulated. I do cover my old cars, mostly to stop nutshells and mouse droppings! If you start them up they need a good run, just my thoughts anyway.
  4. Modern battery conditioner chargers are brilliant, connect them up and forget. I have two on old cars. http://www.ctek.com/
  5. Mine came with the original steel disc wheels but I did not like the look of them. Toyed with wire wheels and dear Clive Manvers told me he could supply and fit but I would probably regret it. Instead I settled on top quality Minilite reproductions, and they do look good and were available in the day.
  6. Alec very wise words. If you want a modern beast, buy one! Don't screw up an old classic. I also have a 1936 Riley Special with leaf springs, rod brakes, pre-selector gearbox, and love it. It is 1100cc,twin cam, cross-flow head, it was expensive in the day and they eventually went broke!
  7. Thanks Pete, a friend who circuit races reckoned that was more like what I should be running, as 30 psi cold is quite a lot and last year the car was skittish.
  8. TR6 165 Continental Contact tyres. Doing a sprint at an airfield on Sunday. Normally put 30 psi all round for sprints, but wonder what you think.?
  9. Definitely the mobile phone and the get you home insurance card. I carry most of the essential stuff around the spare wheel.
  10. What can I say? Mine has a very small width stripe from front to rear. Plus the chrome /stainless trim running along the bottom of door line front to rear. I understand you only see these on straight cars.
  11. Thank you, at least I'm not going mad. The car goes really well and I am not planning to change anything, just interested.
  12. I've got a pdf open with the info that the head was fitted to these. TRIUMPH SIX CYLINDER ENGINES Mk2 CYLINDER head applications chart Part No. (bare)Head No. stampedCasting No. raisedHeight nominal (inches)ApplicationsPiston typeExhaust valve (mm) Pushrod length (inches)EGR humpRear water slot 520819 218225 312388 3.4 Mk2 2000 from ME50001 to ME86355 -86508. Mk2 GT6 Dome 32 8.125 Yes No So am now really confused.
  13. Like this? I took this to mean Triumph 2000 saloon 520873 218225 312388 3.400 Mk2 PI MG50001 to MG82077 Flat 32.0 8.125 Yes No Two people from companies who work on injected Triumphs told me it was the good head.
  14. My 1974 TR6 has a cylinder head stamped 218225 and cast 312388. A couple of people have said that I have the good head , I have checked and it has either come from a GT6 or a Triumph 2000. Why are they considered better heads?
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