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  1. I found TR3s with different rear view mirror position - the majority on the front wheel fenders, some on the windscreen frame (upper and lower position). My TR3 has mounted them to the bottom of the windscreen frame - absolutely not useable - shows everything but not what is behind. Is there any "correct" position of those mirrors? I would like to mount them on the fenders - is there a correct position?
  2. Hey Folks new in this forum. I'm living in Germany and since two years I realized my dream for retirement - a 59 TR3 re-imported from US. I just did a 3000km trip without any issues. The only thing currently is that I can't open the ventilator since the mechanism disappeared. I saw from your chat how it works and what parts are missing. I would be able to re-make those parts but it would be helpful to have at least some dimensions. Can anybody take those from his existing parts? I add a picture with the three dimensions needed (a,b,c) to remake the parts. In addition I would also like
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