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  1. ada69


    Thanks Stuart for your help
  2. ada69


    Does anybody know the size and type of the two screws which hold the rear drum to the hub, Many Thanks, Adrian Page
  3. Your a gentlemen, my e-mail is Adrian.page1968@gmail.com Thanks Adrian
  4. Thanks Kev, looks exactly what I am after. However I am not electrical I am more mechanical. Can you tell me what size wires, connections etc are required and how the components are 'wired' together, Thanks Adrian
  5. Hi, I am looking to use my sat. nav. / charge phone with the USB connection
  6. I am looking to fit a USB connection to my TR5, the car does not have a radio fitted. Does anyone have knowledge on how to do this. Many thanks, Adrian Page
  7. I am looking for an 'original' gear knob for my UK TR5. There is one at present on ebay for £35 which is made from bakelite, which is a black round knob with no markings. Does anyone know if this is correct? Also is there supposed to be a locking nut underneath the knob? Thank you in anticipation. Adrian Page
  8. ada69


    I bought a TR5 reg. no. PGB300F around 18 months ago, and want to find out its previous history. I believe it was raced early on, and at present is in very good condition. Please could you help me!!!! Many Thanks, Adrian Page
  9. My battery for my TR5 has failed and I need a replacement. Looking for good quality battery any ideas out there please Thanks Adrian
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