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  1. Ta Waldi. Yes, it's work in progress whilst I sort the lack of a connection point for the sole wire in the last photo. ATB Neal
  2. I recently had the rear bumper of my TR6 re-chromed & took the "precaution" of taking several photos when I disconnected the plate lights attached to the bumper. I've just had the bumper back after almost 2 months but I appear to have forgotten a few of the wiring details. The single wire in picture 3 & 4 is the same wire. The male portion of picture 3 has been reinserted as per photo 2 but the female portion in photo 4 remains unattached. All the plate lights operate correctly. Can anyone advise the purpose of the unused/disconnected wire please? Many thanks. Neal
  3. Hello All Many thanks for all your responses & advice. In the end I went with Brighthouse Metal Finishers in Peterborough. I'm impressed with the work & post sales maintenance advice etc. However, you need to make sure you clarify & knuckle down on all potential costs & whether VAT is included when obtaining an estimate: quotes are not available.
  4. Hi Guys Many thanks for the information. ATB Neal
  5. Yes, I've asked all the questions re chemical removal prep & triple plating etc. I was just wondering what the standard price was out there as the repair shop has increased the price stating "extra work" was required & that VAT was never included etc etc!
  6. Has anyone had a TR6 rear bumper re-chromed recently? I took my car's bumper into a firm & the estimate was for £250-£300. I had another similar estimate from a firm in the Midlands albeit the estimate was via E mail with the bumper unseen. Cheers Neal Adams
  7. POST NOTE Many thanks guys: the problem was exactly where advised. A bullet had become dislodged from the female side double socket.
  8. Many thanks guys....I'll start the treasure hunt asap!
  9. I had mr TR6 MOT'd recently & both headlights worked on the first test attempt. However, the mechanic then stated the nearside light failed to work on a second attempt. The nearside low beam works ok as does the off side headlight & low beam light. I've confirmed a serviceable headlamp, fuse & cleaned up the dash switch selector. II'd be grateful for any advice on where a potential open circuit is most likely to be please. ATB Neal
  10. Can anyone advise how to fix the headlamp bucket & gasket to the car frame? There are 3 M5 size holes on the frame but these are unable to accept the SPIRE nuts illustrated in the Rimmer Bros spares catalogue. Looking on youtube I noticed a guy fitting new headlights to a red TR4 & it looks like he used some sort of snap fastener into the M5 receiver hole?
  11. Can anyone recommend an outfit that can do a bumper re-chrome in the East Midlands area: preferably close to Stamford Lincs? I'm looking to have the rear bumper prepped with a chemical removal process & then a triple coating application ( copper, nickel & chrome). ATB Neal
  12. Hi Guys Thanks very much. I’ll check out your advice. ATB Neal
  13. I had the car electrics checked out by a specialty electrics firm last year & all appeared well with new fuse relays to cater for the cooling fan & fuel pump. As I haven’t driven the car at night I never checked the main beams. Anyway, prior to this years MOT I just checked all the lights & found the main beab doesn’t function. The lights indicating operation on the dash instrumentation are all satis. I’ve checked the beam selector switch & all the fuses. The lights are the original Lucas version & having dismantled them it appears that the filaments are all in place.
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