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  1. Okay Alec thank you for the information i will have to wait until the next one is being held thanks again Colin
  2. Hi all i am fairly new on the TR register i have a list of all the sprint/hillclimb events but i am unable to find out where the events are being held as i am disabled and would like to go and watch the events could somebody please give me the address of the Hullavington event that is being held on the 20th of March 2016 i would appreciate some information on how to look up or where to look up the addresses of the sprint/hillclimbe events thank you Colin.
  3. I sent the metering unit and all 6 injectors with the fuel lines (from the metering unit to the injectous) off to Neil Furguson who took the metering unit apart and found a fault in it which was restricting the fuel to number 1 cylinder he also recalibrated all the injectors it is now all fitted and running great i would highly recomend his work as he done the work quick and at a reasonable rate thank you John for giving me his contact details thank you all again Colin.
  4. Hi thank you but i have purchased a new one and fitted it but i still have not got any fuel on number one cylinder but thank you for the thought
  5. Okay John thanks for your advice it has been running well its only just started happening ind i have traced it down to no fuel to number 1 but i will give him a call thanks again.
  6. Hllo my name is Colin i joined this site earlier this year i have a Triumph TR6 PI year 1974 i am having problems with the fuel supply to no 1 cylinder there is no fuel coming from the metering unit to no 1 i have checked the fuel line from the metering unit to the injector which is clear and i have swapped no 1 injector with number 2 injector so i know it is not the injector i have also checked the metering unit pressure valve which is all okay as i purchased another one just to make sure and the metering unit timming which is all correct can anybody tell me what the problem could be the metering unit was replaced just before i purchased the car about 2 years ago i was wondering if it could be the fuel pressure relief valve i would really appreciate some help thank you Colin.
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