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  1. Thanks Iain for pointing me in the right direction. I have PM Fireman049 to see if he can give me some more info. Cheers Ian.
  2. Hi all, have fitted rack and pinion steering. Am now pondering what to do about horn, indicators etc. I understand there are several options: 1. Separate switches on dash. 2. Contact ring and use of existing horn/indicator boss. 3. Fitting a mini column stalk (s) - could this do horn,indicators, dip, washer. I think this has come up before, but can’t find the thread. Anyone got any experience or thoughts. Regards Ian.
  3. Hello, thanks for all your replies and photos. What comes across is either the seats are a shoehorn into the car and/or the seats are very narrow. I`m only average size ( or so i tell the wife ), but i don`t want to buy seats that don`t suit the car or fit ! Food for thought and i`ll keep thinking. Thanks again and regards Ian.
  4. Hello, i am slowly coming to the end of a long time rebuilding my TR2. I would like to fit some non standard seats to give a bit more comfort and safety. Was looking at the Cobra range of seats, possibly their SR type, but they all seem a very tight fit in the car. As i can`t go and see them for fit and comfort, i was wondering if anybody could recommend any they have fitted. Thank you, Ian.
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