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  1. When I got the car stripped of paint it revealed this little lot in the rear wing, it appears to be in the shape of a gun and there was a little light fitted behind it (theres some strange folk accross the pond) anyway my original plan was to fill them with lead but as soon as I put a blowtorch near it the panel started throwing shapes and I chickened out and I reckon with that number of holes it will distort if I weld it. Any idea's greatfully recieved?
  2. I inadvertently gave it a whack while getting the motor apart the shaft will clean up but I think the nuts probably toast, Peter I've sent you a PM Cheers Bruce
  3. Hi All Anyone know the thread size/type for the nut/shaft on the end of a Tr4 starter motor that secures the bendix gear? Cheers Bruce
  4. Hi All So I've got repair sections on my lower front wings coupled with some ill fitting replacement sills and theres a hefty gap do I add lead to the sills or do I attempt to reduce the metal in the repair section, the position of the holes at the base of the wing isn't helping either? Cheers Bruce
  5. Hi Peter Thanks that now makes perfect sense, It was the use of the word shim that confused me they are big enough to fit over the wishbone and lock washer and the seals are 5/16" so I'll put them in. Cheers Bruce
  6. Hi John No I've got that what I'm struggling to understand is if you set the end float on the nut as the manual says then what are the shims for there's 16 of them in total? Cheers Bruce
  7. Sorry that doesn't help the TR4 has a different trunnion (it's got a spindle through it) and doesn't have the dished washer
  8. Hi All I'm reassembling the front suspension on my TR4, I've fitted the trunnion and now I've got the thrust washers and lock washers to fit to the outer part of the trunnion/wishbone I've also got a large bag of shims. Can someone explain what I should be aiming for, should there be movement here ie should the thrust washer be able spin or is the whole thing supposed to be packed tight using the shims? Thanks Bruce
  9. Hi Barry Thanks for the photo that probably gives me what I need as I didn't really know what the lower bit looked like I've got a height from what was left on the car but any idea on the approximate width from bulkhead to edge? Sadly I've already fitted the repro battery tray and all of you are correct it's a bloody awful panel. Cheers Bruce
  10. Hi All I'm going to need to fabricate the two battery brackets on the bulkhead, my car came with a big hole where they used to be and unless I'm missing something no one makes them. Anyone fancy posting close up photo's, dimensions etc any info gratefully received. Cheers Bruce
  11. Thank you all very much for the advice. After 3 days hard graft I can report that yes it's revolting, no it doesn't come off skin, and a lot of hard working paint brushes sacrificed themselves to make this possible!
  12. Hi all I'm painting a stripped chassis/suspension with POR 15 rust preventative paint. The info says it discolours/ degrades in sunlight if you don't top coat. But as it's the chassis is there any point in top coating as it's unlikely to get much sunlight? Any opinions from those who have used it please. Cheers Bruce
  13. Thanks Chaps I did try it with the wings fitted and the trim in place and it was still too high, but good spot with the seam weld stuart someone has indeed been there before me so i think I'll start by unpicking that and see where it gets me.
  14. So I've been trying to get the bonnet gaps right on the car the bonnet isn't the original it looks like a later one from a TR 250 and its proud by about half an inch down the length of the near side. I've tried the various adjustments to no avail and also a large rubber mallet which was equally fruitless. The difference appears to be with the frame it sits flush on the offside but not on the near side(see photo's). Firstly am I being overly fussy about it and if not what do I do about it, source another bonnet? which looks like a very expensive option, or attempt to cut and weld the frame in o
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