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  1. Thanks for the info and link Iain. Regards David
  2. Hi, The needle in my speedo has wobbled around since I purchased the car many years ago and so recently I took the decision to replace the cable from the gearbox. The old part had plenty of oil around the inner cable. The new cable appeared to be sealed and so no attempt was made to inject oil between the outer sleeve and the inner cable. I ran the car for some 15 miles and the needle gave a steady speed. Then the speedo started wobbling again and the speedometer ran with a distressed noise. Should I attempt to inject oil into the back of the speedometer or is there another solution please? David
  3. Hi Guts, Thanks for the replies. The engine mounts were bought from Moss and appeared to be the same as the ones replaced. I did try a search but obviously input incorrectly as nothing found. I will look at the LR mounts mentioned. Regards d2
  4. Hi, I have just put my engine back in the TR4a on to two new rectangular engine mounting blocks and notice that one of my circular air filters is resting on the inner wing. This was not the case before I removed the engine! What have I done? I recall mention of a recommendation to use mounting blocks from a Land Rover. Any advice would be most welcome. Thanks d2
  5. Hi, It is the bearing sleeve that I was thinking about; Haynes refers to high melting point grease. David
  6. In the March Issue of TRAction was a very interesting article on suitable oils for gearboxes and overdrives. I wonder if there is similar advice for modern greases suitable for clutch release bearings? TR4a nut David
  7. Thanks for the replies d2
  8. Hi, I have taken my engine out for a rebuild and notice that the fitted rectangular engine mounting blocks include off-set threaded bars. As fitted the blocks have their long side vertical but the bars facing the engine are nearer the bottom on one side and nearer the top on the other side. It is probably better to get the blocks in their correct position before offering up the engine even if not fully tightened. Should the blocks actually be mounted with their long side vertical or horizontal? What should be the position of the threaded bars, nearer the top or nearer the front depending on the answer to the previous question? Thanks D2
  9. Hi, Thanks Kevin & John. I have removed the rocker cover and the valve springs look conplete. Will now try the 'oil test' David
  10. Hi, Thanks for the advice. The oil pressure appears ok. There is plenty (probably too much) blow back gasses around. No water has been found in the oil but the perimeter of the sump gasket shows plenty of oil around. I was hoping to avoid the big ends and pistons and would probably hand over to a specialist to carry out. Regards David
  11. Hi Folks, Just noticed rattles from the rocker cover and on checking found that three cylinders had compressions around 160 but one was only 90. My assumption is that a valve is leaking and my intention is to replace the offender. The sump always seems wet so I intend to install a new gasket. The engine has probably done about 130k miles. Are there any other things I should consider with the sump and head off? Regards David
  12. Hi, I do recall reading in Roger Williams How To Restore (page 88) that a noise like a worn little-end is probably a worm shaft or shaft key that runs from the camshaft to the distributor to the oil pump. In the past when I mentioned noises coming from the engine, a 'Friend' used to advise turning up the volume on the radio. Regards David
  13. d2alfa

    Timing Chain

    Thanks for the replies. I will check again tomorrow morning David
  14. d2alfa

    Timing Chain

    After a project for the grand children I have eventually got back to installing the new chain and tensioner. Luckily the original marks were on both the crankshaft and camshaft sprockets and therefore by lining up the marks the timing should be unaffected. However whilst there is a small amount of slack in the chain on both sides between the sprockets, there is slightly more slack on one side than the other. Is this a problem requiring rotation of the camshaft sprocket so the slack is precisely equal before I fit the cover ? David
  15. d2alfa

    Timing Chain

    Revington supplied the Indian chain. I have contacted The Chain Man (Andy) who has agreed to sort a replacement. David
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