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  1. Thanks, Just noticed a TR6 on the entry list for the HRCR section, listing TR register as the club they have entered under. So that's five TRs in total.
  2. We are out on the ilkley Jubilee Rally this weekend in a Tr7 V8 doing the run section. Same route as the HRCR round but with a roadbook. Three outher TRs out. one other, TR3 on the run and two in the main event, another tr3 and a tr7. Wingo.
  3. I've got a standard TR7 subframe. Removed from my car when I upgraded it to V8. Also got a standard steering rack, Still fitted to the sub frame. Wingo.
  4. I do a few Historic/Classic road events and targas with my now V8 Powered FHC TR7, The marshals and the few spectators we see love the noise. Occasionally we see some other TR7s either four pot or V8 and a smattering of older TRs. Would love a proper spec Stage rally car but they are out of reach financially now. My son has been navigating for me in the TR7 on the road based events sincehe was 12, he fancies a go behind the wheel himself when he has his road licence. We've won a few pots on events in the North of England and Southern Scotland on NESCRO rounds. We should be out on the Ilkley Targa early next month. Wingo
  5. Thanks for that. I'll put the headlamps up then disconnect the red plugs. Just had another headlamp related battle. Various problems with just dip beam, one light out then both out. Eventually sorted with a bit of a rewire and fixing a problem with the fuse box. Nothing as simple as a blow bulb unfortunately. Now got a power steering fluid leak to sort, fluid leaking the pressure pipe where it goes into the rack, its's been getting progressively worse, there looks to be some sort of sealing washer, part number EAW517 I think.
  6. I use my Tr7 V8 on classic rallies and targa events and having the headlamps up makes it far easier to place on the tests around the course markers, However I don't really want to have the headlamps on. Is there an easy way wire up something so I can have the headlamps up without the lights on? Still need the option to have them up and on as well. I could fix them up all the time but want the option to have them down. Thanks, Wingo
  7. A proper spec classic rally car doesn't have to have any in period history to be worth a good bit of money. A new build Mk2 escort or Fiat 131 will cost you north of £100k. That Tr7 V8 wasn't too hefty price wise, but out of my range pricewise. I hope it's going to be used not put under a dust cover somewhere. I've been using my relatively unmodified Tr7 V8 on targas and classic road rallies, no where near the cost of a proper stage car. That car will make a nice stage car when it's been put back together properly. Wingo.
  8. Wingo

    7 Vs 8

    i used a standard 2 litre engined FHC for road and Targa events for a year then upgraded it to V8 with ugrades to brakes, suspension etc. Much more fun to be had now and some nice comments from the Marshals about the noise it makes. The unmodified V8 has halved the 0-60 time and the car will just pootle along in any gear on regularity sections. The car is on a pair of SU's as I understand it I can't go the Holley route although I think I could use quad webers So much more enjoyable with the V8 and it doesn't seem to use much more fuel as the old two litre lump had to be thrashed to get the car to go. There is no problem getting a waiver to use the car on road based and targa events as long as they don't run into the might (MSA rules) The big issue with the V8 is traction on the tests................but as they say, less traction more action I expect the purists would rather the originality was preserved but my car is far from concours and "enjoys" the occasional trip into the undergrowth or ditches when I run out of talent! Wingo.
  9. Not sure where this car is now. It was up for sale at Malton Specialist cars in 2014. I should have gone to have look at it as it wasn't too far away. Also dithered too long about a good spec (sparkrite) rally car at Jason Lepleys. Something different to the hoards of Mk2 escorts on historic stage events.
  10. Special stage rallying is very much a curates egg, some events are oversubscribed in hours, others get cancelled due to lack of entries. There have been a number of rule changes that have come in this year and some more for next year that will lead a few more organisers, and competitors to give up. Some areas have seen their forestry allocation for events severely reduced or disappear completely, motorsport is not seen as an eco friendly activity. There is also a major lack of new, or should I say younger competitors, marshals and organisers coming into the sport. The potential for closed road events in the UK has been seen as future of UK rallying but as yet this hasn't really happened. I've not been stage rallying for years now, better value motorsport can be had these days in my view. Classic rallying for more standard cars is booming on the whole, modern rallying in a front wheel drive shopping trolley or a classic event in a Tr7 V8 at a fraction of the cost er let me think about that for about 2 seconds Wingo.
  11. Hi, Just a heads up on uprated front springs on Tr7s I bought a pair of new 200lb -1 inch front springs earlier this year from a reliable source but when I tested them before fitting they turned out to be only 160lb. Turns out the manufacturer had changed the spec without telling anyone they supplied to when I queried with the supplier I'd sourced them from At least one retailer has changed the description now to 160lb on their website. I returned the springs for a refund as I specifically wanted 200lb front springs In the end I had some springs custom made. Ray.
  12. I've been using MG TF wheels on my Tr7 V8. 15x6 the eight spoke vaguely minilite looli likies. I use mg wheels nuts. Easy to buy them at good prices
  13. I don't know anyone over your side of the country who has a rolling road and or knows what they are doing with V8s on SUs. I took my TR7 V8 to Dennis Vessey in Barnetby. There were rolling roads nearer me in North Yorkshire but none had the experience of SU carbs or a stock of bits for SUs. When there were some serious problems with the carbs on my car they had the bits to sort them out, all done in a day while I waited and watched. If I come across anywhere nearer to Cheshire I'll post it up. I used to use Skip brown cars at Ridley green, Tarpoley when I was rallying sunbeams but that's no use to you but might be worth calling in there though as they might be able to point you in the right direction for someone local to you Ray
  14. Wingo

    TR8 Ride Height

    I've used a rimmer bros stainless system on my Tr7 V8 classic rally car. it's only got the single rear silencer box on each bank of cylinders. I think rimmers call it the loud/noisey system but I don't find it too loud at all. I use mikalor type clamps on the joiners. I had some custom springs made and use 15 inch wheels so I don't have any ground clearance problems. Ray.
  15. Thanks, just fitted a belt 1175 long x 9mm wide it only just went on with the alternator in its slackest position. Seems to fit well with no slipping Got a spare 11 x 1170 mm belt that I'm going to make sure fits ok before carrying as a spare. Ray
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