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  1. Thanks guys. I’ll send it to past parts and see if they comment. Happy new Year Barry
  2. Good Evening all. Please could you you give me some advice regarding the brake master cylinder I have just removed from my 73 TR6. It has been leaking so after reading a few old topics decided to send it off to past parts for a refurb instead of a new replacement as it sounds like they are not that reliable. Having removed it I am not convinced it is an original cylinder unless someone can tell me different so therefore is it worth refurbishing. Any comments gratefully appreciated Regards Barry
  3. Hi Tim I presume you mean the modern BMW Massive's and not modern mini's Barry
  4. Taxed mine in November said it did not need a MOT. I've not done anything with forms etc.
  5. Or did they change the plates
  6. A member of the Vale of York group
  7. Peelie

    A nice pair

    Thought I would share this shot of our works car park back in the summer with my car on the left and one of our Directors cars on the right. Both bought independently within a six month period. They are 17 chassis numbers apart so presume manufactured within a day or two of each. Couldn't believe it when I dropped him off to collect it one Friday that they would be virtually identical. Both nearly standard throughout Barry
  8. Sorry that would have to be a no
  9. Bought my car 2 years ago, came with the original hatdtop but been sat in the garage on top of a mini since i got it home. Must admit does not look bad with it on
  10. I am just about to re-fit the cardboard gearbox cover with new rubber seals but was wondering what sealant to use on both sides of the rubber Don't want to use Sikaflex as I think that will be too permanent but not sure general silicone is the answer Any thoughts would be appreciated Barry
  11. Thanks for the replys. I will speak to moss in the first instance Barry
  12. Has any one else had problems with the phos bronze carrier. Got one delivered yesterday and it does not fit over the shaft. It is about 0.010" small compared with the old cast one. I can get it machined out but I will be having a word with Moss first Any idea on a clearance required or shall I just match the old one
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