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  1. Hi All My TR5 Dash Support has some lettering on. - Is this original? Dave
  2. Thanks for the replies guys. I purchased the Misab plates and have assembled the carbs onto the TWM manifold on the bench. - Can' wait for these puppies to be installed! Cheers Dave
  3. Hi All I have a Moss Carburettor Conversion Kit, Triple Weber 40 DCOE with linkages. https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/performance-tuning/fuel-system-induction/carburettor-conversion-kit-triple-weber-40-dcoe-fast-road-ttk1259.html Can anyone assist with assembly instructions, or alternatively have any pictures? Many thanks Dave
  4. Hi All I am installing 4 x new Bonnet Buffers on my TR5, after respraying. The original holes were closed up, so I have to drill new ones. Can anyone advise what height these should be, and what locations? Items are #45 https://www.moss-europe.co.uk/shop-by-model/triumph/tr5-6/body-chassis/bonnet-fittings/front-body-fittings-tr5-tr250.html Thanks Dave
  5. Hi All I am replacing my rack-and-wheelbox after my rebuild - what type of grease is recommended for the rack and wheelbox? Is Lithium suitable, or are there better suitable greases? Thanks as always for the imparting of knowledge. Dave
  6. Thanks Roger - I suspected the weld came loose... I think I will try the two plain nuts first. If I don't come right, then weld and touch-up paint it will be! Many thanks for the advice Dave
  7. Hello All I am battling to tighten the lock nut on my bonnet stay where it attaches to the bonnet, as the bolt turns - Any ideas of how to achieve this? Thanks Dave
  8. Hi Again I restored my Armstrong Lever Shock Absorbers - They seem to be working well, however one of them leaks from where the arm enters the body - Is there any way to resolve the leak, or should I just purchase a reconditioned shock? Dave
  9. Hi All I recently performed a complete front suspension rebuild, including replacing the brake discs. Once I refit the disc caliper, the disc is not aligning equally between the caliper. This is happening on both the left and right hand calipers. I also replaced the bearings and felt oil seal retainer (I trimmed the felt by half) within the hub. Is it possible that the hubs are not seated/tightened correctly? - please advise what I am missing. Thanks Dave
  10. Whilst we are discussing sheens: Would the differential, prop shaft, drive shafts and steering rack also be the same semi-gloss?
  11. Thanks Stuart - your input is much appreciated! I'll thus probably will use a 2K Semi-Gloss sheen - its between gloss and satin. Cheers
  12. Hello All I am in the process of performing a full nut-and-bolt restoration on my TR5. I now am at the point of spraying the Chassis and Suspension parts - What is the original sheen of black paint that was used: Gloss Black or Satin Black? Many thanks Dave Thomas South Africa
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