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  1. Hi All Installation of the TR5 Grille: Is it necessary to remove the bonnet, or will I get away with just removing the bumper to install the grille? Thanks Dave
  2. I have disassembled the motor: The Motor Lead insulation was damaged, in addition the paper/card Insulation Strip was falling apart. I cleaned up all the components, repaired the insulation and that rectified the issue. - bench tested Thanks for the input and encouragement. Dave
  3. Thanks for the inputs. Well an update: I replaced the solenoid but my problem persists with the M14G starter... It still spins immediately when power is applied I am looking into purchasing an uprated high torque starter motor https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GXE4439UR Dave
  4. Thanks Rob One step forward- I have removed the starter from the vehicle, after removal of the exhaust uuurghhh. I suspect you are correct - I will replace the solenoid and take it from there...Apparently the contact assembly can be disassembled with some desoldering, but for the replacement cost I will be just replace with a new one. Dave
  5. Good morning All I recently connected up my original starter motor for the first time during my restoration. On attaching the battery I immediately had a spark at the battery terminals (implying load) and the start motor began whirring - The starter did not engage. Furthermore I did not attempt to energise the starter solenoid. What in the starter motor would cause this? Dave
  6. Resolved - Thanks All for the input It was indeed the wires incorrectly connected inside the rubber boot. Dave
  7. Thanks John, my electrical vocab is limited I've inspected the wiring from the reverse lamps, through to the reverse switch, then to the voltage regulator, and finally to the fuse box - couldn't find any continuity issues with a test light and multimeter. Scratching my head... Dave
  8. Hi all I fired up the power to my electrical system today during my TR5 restoration. All successful except my reverse lights: · My Left hand reverse light comes on, but is very dim. · My Right hand reverse light does not come on, and the Green/Brown (GN) cable gets very warm, and the Ammeter registers a huge current drop! I disconnected the Right hand light from the cable loom. – The Left hand light then illuminates brightly, with normal current drop on the ammeter. I disconnected the Left hand light from the cable loom – The Right hand light sti
  9. Thanks Rob I went back to my original pics prior to starting the restoration and saw that I had no Ground on the Alternator. So maybe it was upgraded in the past to the newer type regulator... It would be prudent then to disconnect the Black cable before I kill the alternator...
  10. Thanks for the replies all. Here is the pic of the rear of the 15ACR. The Thick Black Wire is connected to Alternator Negative(-) terminal, and other side ring terminal attached to engine ground point Dave
  11. I have a new TR5 Wiring Harness. The alternator I own is a 15ACR. The harness makes provision for the external alternator controller, which I will not use, due to the 15ACR alternator having an internal controller. I am requesting confirmation on how to modify the wiring to connect the 15ACR correctly. Below is the standard TR5 wiring diagram. From the research I have done, I have compiled the following: · The Alternator Control Unit connector block will remain in the loom · Disconnect the (NG Brown/Green) spade connector from t
  12. Thanks Waldi I've subsequently removed the rubber coating from the "anti-squeel pad", and they fit better now - some friction, but not excessive Dave
  13. Hello All I have restored my entire Front Disk brakes, but have an issue with the new disk pads being tight, and hence restricting movement: New Brake Discs (standard) Reconditioned 16P calipers with new pistons and seals (calipers are centered with shims). Pistons are pushed in all the way New Brake pads (Classic Gold) I note that the new Classic Gold Brake Pads have a thin plate attached (±1/32")on the outside of the pad, which I don't recall were on my original pads. Please provide suggestions on how to remediate the binding. Thanks, Dave
  14. Hi All My TR5 Dash Support has some lettering on. - Is this original? Dave
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