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  1. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    So now that I'm back at work, I'm not able to spend as much time on the car but I've still made a bit more progress. Both doors are now repaired, primed, smoothed and painted. The passenger door is fully rebuilt and back on the car which was a bit of milestone, seeing the car all one colour and built up. I still have the drivers side quarter to paint which I'm hoping I'll get done this weekend which will allow me to get the drivers door back on. That will just leave the engine bay to paint and interior to refit. Oh, I'm refurbishing a set of Mini Cooper S wheels for a friend so it would have been rude not have done this...
  2. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    Had a couple of days away from the car but got back on it yesterday. Both doors are now off, sills are both cleaned up and any rust treated and primed. I focused on the passenger side quarter panel and door. The door had the usual rust along the bottom edge which I've cleaned up, treated and given a skim of filler. Ideally I want to replace the doors at some point but I've not found a pair yet that are decent and the seller doesn't want a fortune to deliver! The n/s quarter panel needed a little bit of work around the leading edge of the arch. I did that and sanded back a huge amount of stonechip paint from the sills, thankfully no horrors unearthed there. Next it was masked and high build primed. Once cured I flattened it back and re masked for painting. And painted. Followed by refitting of a few parts. Hoping to get the opposite quarter and passenger door painted tomorrow, the drivers door still needs a bit of work before I'm happy with it.
  3. Rico

    Tr7 Restoration

    Welcome Drydo15. There's a few restoration threads on the go including my own which is just a few posts down. I'm no expert on these cars compared to a lot of the members on here but I will no doubt have had similar issues to what you're about to. Have a look at my thread and if there's anything I can help you with, just ask. Rico.
  4. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    Had a day off from painting today and got the front end built up. Loving the red against the black details. Back to work on it tomorrow, doors off to paint the quarters and door checks.
  5. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    I had to work this morning so didn't get onto the TR until after lunch. Started by removing the masking from yesterday and checking over the roof and bootlid. I'm happy with them apart from a few bits of dirt that I'll sort out when it's time to start polishing. Moved on to the bonnet and headlights next and got the primer flattened ready to paint. I wasn't 100% happy with the front panel, it had a couple of silicon reactions so I flattened them out to re paint it while I was doing the bonnet. Doors off tomorrow to paint the quarters, door checks and the fuel filler panel.
  6. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    Sadly not Laurence, I got very little in the way of history with the car when I bought it. Is there any way of finding out from the chassis number? According to the chassis number decoder, my car was built at Solihull. (403283)
  7. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    A bit more work done today but not quite as much as I'd planned. The louvres on the bonnet had a few bits of flaking paint which turned into having to strip them right back. Took the best part of an hour and a half so it set me back a fair bit. Finally got the bonnet in high build primer along with the headlamp covers which also had to be stripped right back. Once they were primed, I moved on to masking the roof and bootlid for painting. And painted them. That's today's little update, tomorrow will be flatting the high build and painting the bonnet and headlights. possibly get the doors off to do the checks if I have time.
  8. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    So today I got the wings, nose cone, inside of the bonnet and around the tops of the engine bay painted. The engine bay itself will be going satin or matt black. Tomorrow will be topside of the bonnet, the headlights, bootlid and most likely the roof and door checks if I have time.
  9. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    FINALLY! I've got time to work on this! Booked a week off work with the sole intention of having this in paint by the end of it. Started today with the inside of the boot, bootlid and rear panel. Very happy with the colour I've gone with and seeing it on the car has got me motivated to get it finished. The front end, engine bay and door checks are next on the hit list, hopefully get them done tomorrow.
  10. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    Thanks for the replies folks, the car is creeping ever closer to seeing fresh paint, just a few small repairs to do and I'll be starting. Updates soon!
  11. Rico

    David James...

    I'd just like to publicly thank David for helping me out with a set of wide arches for the TR. It's very rare these days that someone will go out of their way to help others without looking for something in return but David is the exception to that rule. Thanks again David and I hope I can return the favour in the future.
  12. Now only looking for Minilites or something very similar. Many thanks to David for sorting me out with a set of arches, a true gent indeed.
  13. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    You're lucky to be in the position to be polishing! It'll be a while before I'm there but hopefully not too long. The couple of small parking dents that needed repaired are done now, priming and painting inside the door checks, engine bay and boot next.
  14. Rico

    New TR7 V8 owner

    Thanks Don, I'm just glad to finally see it getting closer to completion.
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