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  1. Hi Mike, Very nice of you to send me a copy. Herewith the example of the SAH in pdf. This is all I have and downloaded from internet. Kind regards, Robin SAH-Triumph-TR2.pdf
  2. Hello, I am looking for a good copy of SAH accessories TR2 TR3. Maybe someone has an original that they can make a pdf copy of? Thanks in advance Kind regards, Robin
  3. Hi, a few years ago I had the problem of leaking shock absorbers. After using several sets without success, I modified them. Now I haven't had problems with leaking shock absorbers for several years. The modification can be seen on my website under tab Restoration and then click on photo shock absorbers. (website https://triumph-TR2.com)
  4. Hi Peter, One off the 3 grub screws was missing, I put a new one in, and everything works again. Thanks for the info.
  5. Hi, how gets the horn push and the direction indicator the positive earth from the chassis? What is the original way to get the positieve earth. I have some problems with it. Regards Robin
  6. Hi, There was a security issue on the website https://triumph-tr2.com, so it wasn't showing the website on Firefox. This is fixed, the site is again available with Firefox. Thanks for the info Robin
  7. Hi, no I don't have it in higher resolution....but If you go to the website https://library.revsinstitute.org/digital/custom/single-image?id=426791&collection=p17257coll1 You can order one in a higher resolution.
  8. Hi, yes I know this photograph. You can find it on https://triumph-tr2.com Kind Regards Robin
  9. Hi Kretean, You can go different ways to power up your engine. I dit a lot off experiments to power up my TR2. The best option a tried is the Judson Supercharger. The TR engine with a Judson produce about 40 % more HP with 4-5 Psi pressure, but this is only archived when the Judson is at low temperature. How longer you drive, the Judson heats up. This is because the Judson is placed above the exhaust and the contact from the vanes to the body. Also is the Holley carb to small for the higher RPM range. Beside this, the drivability off the
  10. Blockley 550X15 cross ply tires, steering is super light "like power steering" road contact very good.
  11. Hi, When driving, i enjoy the magnificent sound of the TR2, with his noisy 18" single silencer. But when we have a picnic its lovely to hear de old tube radio that still works. No problem with the bracket, i have no heat/underlay. And it stil allows to open the heater.
  12. I also closed the speaker area, always wet carpet. Not very good for rusty TR's Better choice is the the original USA TR solution, radio bracket with speaker in the middle of the car.
  13. Hello Peter, When i take a look on the on internet (http://www.britcycle.com/products/champion_plug_caps.htm) i can find different soft types spark plug caps, but witch one is the correct one in the early 50's ? They all for motor cycles but probally also used for cars. The champion WC548 is from de 50's but is not a rubberised spark plug.
  14. HI Richard, thanks for the information. So we know that they used spark plug caps in the time that they delivered the first edition instruction manual. If we knew when de instruction manual was available or delivered with commission numbers (TS....?...) we are a little bit further. Than the question, what types spark plug caps they deliver in 1953 and 1954 that are rubberised (what Bill Piggott says) And what brand they used, Lucas or Champion. If we look to the brand Champion, they used 2 types that are rubberised. One with the brand champion or another with no brand on it
  15. Hi Edwin, it aren't the spark plugs but the spark plug caps that i ment. I can't find documentation from the spark plug caps that they used between TS1000 and TS2000.
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