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  1. thanks guys rimmers and robsport have not got any will try s&s
  2. As the title does anybody know where I can get any centre caps for the factory spec alloys
  3. kg55

    New TR7 V8 owner

    Hi Ricco Well done it looks a decent car. I have just got a black limited edition TR7 after 3 years of looking for one.I had one back in the eighties and wanted another limited one ( very hard to find now) Good luck and keep us informed on your progress kev
  4. Does anybody know how many of the original 400 JPS black limited edition cars are left. I would like to know for insurance value for the one i have just bought. thanks kevan
  5. kg55


    Thanks phil i will have a look at the dunlop tyres thanks kev
  6. kg55


    I have just got a TR7 ( had two in the past early eighties) what tyres are available for the standard 13 inch alloys and which are best for normal a A and B roads.
  7. Hello Christopher That's not good I owned the car from 82 until august 87. I do have a photo but its not very good.
  8. Can anybody help I am trying to find a special edition TR7 jps black and gold reg number PAV636X thanks kevan
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