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  1. hi all, iam on the look out for a spare tr7/8 steering column , if anyone is breaking a 7 or 8 or if anyone can point me to were i might get my hands on one,, any help or pointers in the right direction would be ace cheers rick 07970 457458
  2. mk2mania


    just a quick note for those who are unsure, weve recently fitted our easysteer EPS setup on a tr6,, its a bit tight with all the heater ducting etc, but it has 100% totally transformed the car, even i was shocked how well it drove after the conversion,, a good grease of the ball joints/trunions and rack also helped also done the dart http://s187.photobucket.com/user/mk2mania/slideshow/tr6%20electric%20power%20steering%20easysteer
  3. hi tony, not yet done 1, we will do one but as yet were just a bit busy , ( not enough hours in the day ) but work loads usually ease of in autumn so keep an eye on us http://www.easysteer.co.uk
  4. electric power steering is the way forward
  5. with an electric power steering system the motor will only demand what it needs to operate, and with the ratio of the racks /tyre width and compound and steering wheel size a tr it would never need 40 amp , an alternator upgrade isnt necessary
  6. electric power steering is the way forward, and with the way the steering can be controlled these days its far superior to a hydraulic set
  7. for all your elecric power steering conversions http://www.easysteer.co.uk
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