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  1. Got anymore pictures of those seats? They don’t look like Mk1s.... more like Mk3! If you need a retrim, give me shout, that’s what I do part time. If I’m not close (King’s Lynn) then I know quite a few people across the country that do upholstery
  2. Hi Mark, Nice work, Im to in the middle of a full restoration... no where near as far and three years in... and only updated my blog ages ago... very lazt on that side...! i like the bit on the bluetooth conversion.. easlily distratcted..! have you got anymore details on the control of the on off and volume. Nick
  3. there ok, not the best. i tried one at the resoration show and while it did strighen to a degree it wasnt great. ok if you just untwisting and happy with a few wobbles....!
  4. Hi Jochem, i like to look of the braided hoses but more importantly, i wanted something that had less joints that could fail...! Nick
  5. Secret to a good neat install is getting the brake line dead strait first.. then i used a bit of wire from a coat hanger to make the shape and then transfer this to the brake line... Found this tool at the restoration show.... £95 but it will do all sizes upto 10mm.
  6. Hi Roger, Copper nickel version...... and a bit polished with a light laquer to keep shiney... !!!
  7. thanks Richard... personally i dont see the logic on stones damaging the hose... hard object hitting a rubber object would just bounce off..! i would be more worried if a stone hit the brake lines... if you ever tried sandbalsting anything rubber... i wont do a lot... yes, stainless rubber shroud P clips... and ill have a bosch pump and filter mounted within the chassie rails with the inlets and outlets positioned to provide those angles.. nick
  8. Hi Stuart, Yes, Ethanol rated hose... i also intend to install a heat sheld along the lenght of the hose where there could be heat transferance... had a few instances when the car was on the raod in the summer months and got caught out with vapourisations...!!! Cheers nick
  9. Cheers Waldi, the restoration has become a little “detailed”...! :)
  10. thanks chaps.... i think i'll just keep it as it is, thats how it was when i bought the car. checked the backlash/play and all seems good to go, going to replace all three seals, clean and paint the main body and powder coat everything else. cheers Nick
  11. Yes, your right... also TR 250 so I’ve been told. It was either a second had unit or refurbished, it had “ TR6 3:7” written on it in paint pen. I’ll have a look through the paperwork that came with the car, there was a fair amount of work done by TRGB Nick
  12. Now at the stage of looking at the diff and working out if it needs loads of work or just a good clean inside and out. firstly, what is it? the rear cover does not look like a TR6 diff...? i've searched the interweb but cant find anything that looks similer Secondly, locking the input shaft and trying to rotate both output shafts, i get a small amount of play/blacklash, if i were to measure it, i would say around 3-5 mm i'll try to video it.... thanks Nick
  13. Mick, who is CDD? Nikc
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