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  1. Interesting info, I have always something to learn on this forum, please to check and to confirm (or correct),I need clarification to avoid potential mistake. On my side (and to be corrected if needed), as per my view: For the TR4, the console centre is with global short design on the top part and w/o extension to support the gear stick (vs the TR6) w/o molded cover (Foam + vinyl) and w/ flat spots for side panel For the TR4 A , I cannot comment right now For TR4 A IRS, the console centre is w/ basically the same aluminum frame as for the TR6 (Frame w/ extension to support the gear switch and gearstick hole flat) w/ a molded cover (Foam + vinyl) but w/o the flat spots for the side panel (not part of the configuration) For TR5 and 250, the console Centre is w/ basically the same aluminum frame as the TR6 w/ a molder cover (Foam + vinyl) but w/o (I have a doubt now) the flat spots for the side panel , as the sides panels (not part of the configuration) For the TR6, the console centre is the same aluminum frame as for the TR5 & 250 w/ a molded cover (Foam + vinyl) and w/ the flat spots for the side pane panel The holes position and number for the CP & CR differ w/ the CC & CF due to the specific interior light switch positioned in the middle just under the radio hole Regards
  2. Just a point, not to be a purist, but for your information: - For the TR6 the specific shape of the central console w/ the foam w/ is w/ 2 specific flats zones (One on each side) in order to position the 2 trims panels (One on each side) covering the side and internal zone between the console center and the gear box cover (and able to support the option w/ side loudspeaker) - The Aluminum structure of the console Centre w/o the foam is w/o this 2 specific flats zones (I suppose the aluminum structure is the same for the TR4, 250, 5 and 6), accordingly in case you go for the solution Aluminum structure painted it will look like more a TR4, 250 or 5 but less a TR6 typical console centre Best regards
  3. Tank's a lot Jochem and Waldi for your contribution. Best regards
  4. Good morning, Could you help me, a good friend from the Triumph Club de France, sent me 2 interesting items specifics for my TR6 PI CP '71, I need to determine the value for a retribution. I checked on the web /Internet but did not find an answer ! What can be the estimation two items ? Original Steering wheel, used (w/ the back side of the plated spokes w/ few spot of corrosion and side and the foam in good condition but moving around de the rim on the top side) + the central pad and boss Original distributor Lucas 22D6, in very good condition Best regards
  5. Hi Ianai, the shape of the rectangular area to insert the radio have been extended for modern Radio. If you intend to install an old or a period one, you will have to reduce the allocated space. Some TR6men will certainly be able to provide the extact & original dimensions and position of the rectangular section and of the 2 holes for the radio control. Regards
  6. Hi Dereck, thanks for the pictures and ref for the paint, you approach is the way I shall follow for the steering wheel from my CP '71. Best regards
  7. Very nice re-trim, I shall go for this option (Keep the original steering wheel + leather re-trim on top of the original moulded plastic) Nevertheless, the second step (and key point now) is to address the corrosion on the 3 branches and to find a way for a nice restoration (Light polish keeping few imperfections or hard polish but the original metallization will disappear... ) What is the best way to deliver something who look like the original aspect (w/o the separation of the Rim vs the wheel structure) maybe a specific paint (Aluminum ?) ! Any feedback on this 2nd point, thanks' in advance. Regards
  8. Marc R


    Hello John, This may help you to consider the option proposed by Triumph for the TR6 https://rimmerbros.com/Item--i-GRID600339 Regards
  9. Hi Mk2 Chopper, Good points, I am expecting to do the same back to the black steering wheel and black to the gear knob and on the way to rebuild and fix an original TR6 steering wheel one of the option I am considering is to put a thin leather cover around the rim. Regards
  10. Hi Mk2 Chopper, Thanks' for the pictures, yes this steeering wheel motolita with simulated leather look very nice in your TR6 and can be also en alternative for me (and on top of the gear lever knob on the same material is something I should not forget) , the key differences vs the original are (i) the section (diam.) of the rim and (ii) the hub + centre pad + horm push Triumph shield logo. Regards
  11. Thanks' Derek, your comment confirm my observations ... TR6 steering wheels only w/ simulated leather. Regards
  12. Thanks' all of you for the comments and suggestions, I shall check the condition of the14,5 inch, if the opportunity is good I shall go for it. Hi Keith, I have exactly the same steering wheel on my CP '71, a 15 inch with moulded plastic to like like leather w/ stitching and I have the same question concerning real leather (ou not) on some earlier or later steering wheel version. For me except maybe some early early version all the CP/CR and CC/CF versions are w/ a moulded plastic. Regards
  13. Hello, For a CP '71 equipped w/ his original 15 inch steering wheel in poor condition, I found an original 14,5 inch (Later PI version) in quite good condition Before a Go, I have one question: Can we really feel any difference in terms of steering effort and handling ? (TR6 equipped w/ 165/80 or 185/70 R15). Thanks' for your feedback and recommendation. Best regards
  14. Hi Bruce, Many thanks' for your return on experiences, I just checked my frames over the we, I identified few weak points to address and will weld on both side. Best regards
  15. My return on experience (with 3 TR6 since '86) will confirm some recommendations. Back on the '80, after the original 165 R15, I tested the 185/70 R15 and then in the '90 the 195/65 R15... since my 1st choice is for 165 R15 (165/80-82 R15), 2nd choice 185/70 R15 and definitively not over 185, even if the cost is attractive on the 195/65 R15. Regards
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