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  1. Thanks Waldi, very helpful. Callipers/Rear cylinders are fairly new - perhaps the pipes/hoses should have been done then but, I'm getting there ! Again, many thanks. Trevor W
  2. Is replacing the above a big job ? It does not include discs/drum, just the master cylinder/servo and lines. I am having difficulty obtaining accurate quotes for this work as my mechanic is worried that to complete this work it might involve major time work, engine removal or the like. There is no guidance on hours required etc in Haynes. So, if you have completed this task, how long in hours might it take ? Many thanks in advance.
  3. My 1974 TR6 currently has wire wheels with 195/60R 15 88H tyres. I don't like the wire wheels nor the 195's. Originals were, I believe 165's. So, what's best ? I'd like alloy wheels too. Suggestions please. Thanks.
  4. SAY 480, a red TR3A
  5. A golfing pal mentioned that he was the original owner of a TR3A, Reg'n Number SAY 480. It was red, he thinks Signal Red. Does anyone know if/where this car is still alive ?
  6. I am looking for eithera New/Old Stock or reconditioned Volt Meter for my 1974 TR6. The Part No. is 159605. Any ideas ?
  7. Certainly only use high grade (not supermarket) petrol but does anyone use additives when filling up ?
  8. Just acquired 1974 TR6 (PI). On road this morning at running temp, engine cut out. Failed to restart. Fires up and immediately dies. Original thought was fuel pump. RAC tested with vaporised ether and thinks not a fuel supply problem. Tested distributor/sparks etc. All ok. He thinks it may be the ignition coil and was rather scathing of make - Intermotor. Usual mechanic on hols. Any ideas ?
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