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  1. Alanzjones


    The headlights on a TR3A (or at least mine) are completely useless. I have thought of replacing the bulbs with LED bulbs. Has any one got any experience of these LED headlight bulbs? Regards Alan Jones
  2. Thanks for this. I have looked for the "folded metal UJ - as per the TR7" but all I have seen on the various web istes look like castings cheers Alan
  3. My TR3A has a conversion to Rack and pinion steering. The steering column consists of an upper column with the steering wheel at one end. The other end is connected to a universal joint which is connected to the lower column which is connected to the rack by another universal joint. There is play between the upper universal joint and the lower lower column. I need to replace this upper universal joint and lower steering column but I can only find them as part of the complete rack and pinion conversion kit. Couple of questions. Does anyone know where I can purchase just the universal joint and lower steering column. (Do them come from another car?) I find it odd that there is play on a splined joint. I would have thought there would either be no play or the whole join would fail Thanks in anticipation. Alan
  4. I have attached 3 photos. The first photo shows the LHS of the car with the frame screwed in as normal. The second and third photos show the RHS of the frame overlapping the side of the car. The frame cam be forced in to fit the hood but as you can see this damages the trim
  5. Sorry, Tried to add photos but I couldn't get them to load. Is there a knack here or am I being thick. rgds Alan
  6. Thanks for your response I don't think so. Looking at the Moss catalogue, my frame does seem like the one shown for the 3A whereas the TR4 has some links connecting the soft top frame which mine doesn't have. chrs Alan
  7. The frame for my soft top appears too wide for the car. I can force the sides in to screw in the frame but then the rest of the frame will not fold down properly as the rest of the hinges snags on each other.. With the aid of a screw driver I can force the hinges past each other but all of this has damaged the trim. Any suggestions Alan
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