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  1. My speedo gave up the ghost on the Triumph New Forest Run yesterday - heard a "twang" and the needle died. I presume the cable has broken rather than the gauge but I'll double check by running the car with the cable removed from the back of the speedo. If it is broken, can I replace just the inner cable by running it down the existing sleeve or do I have to replace the whole thing? Thanks Richard
  2. Ah Chris! You’re selling your long door!! I was looking forward to seeing progress in that next time I was down for my service!
  3. As Tom said, Motalita do a boss kit so you can fit one of their wheels while keeping the original control head. You need to specify the correct one as they do a standard or one for the adjustable steering column. It's worth considering that if you still have a steering box, the Motalita wheels are a smaller diameter than the original one so you get less leverage when steering, making the (already heavy) steering a little heavier.
  4. You can fit the bench seat but you need the post 60.000 version with the flat back floor. In terms of seatbelts for kids regardless of the age of car you need to fit approved belts even in the rear. No belts, no kids according my understanding of the law. And you will need appropriate child seats in the rear.
  5. Vicky, that's my car in Stuarts picture. You and Ben are welcome to see what it's like if I ever get my car past the dinghy blocking the driveway!
  6. That's just the starting bid Rog, the reserve could be ten times that. If it were my car and it was genuine, I'd have every expert in the field give me a bit of paper to authenticate it.
  7. Name them I say. If your story is genuine, and I can't see why anyone wouldn't believe it is, let others know so they are forewarned.
  8. Is that 199 hours on top of the 192 hours originally estimated? So 610 total? I'm not one to think a car takes a weekend to paint by any stretch, but 610 hours to paint a car?? (OK, 507 after the welding which was required). That's 13 weeks work solid at 8 hours a day, 5 days a week. What's the workshop rate? At £50 per hour that's a £25,000 respray, plus another £5k for the welding. What was the condition of the body to begin with? If it's just been pulled out of a field after 30 years then fair enough, but if it was tidy but tired with some filler hiding the battle scars (hence t
  9. Mine does it too. Only happens at night and it disappears within a few minutes of having the panel lights on
  10. This is what I fitted to my TR3 on 60 spoke wires. They are really good.
  11. The Register really needs to sort this out - if you're paying your subscriptions..................................... Has anyone brought this up to Wayne before or is it something that needs to be mentioned at an AGM?
  12. Fair play, I was just trying to point out knowing Roger and Sue there wasn't likely to be anything intentionally misleading in them using the same user account.
  13. I think RobH has it right and this thread needs to be locked, but can I just point out it's not "your" post. You placed it on a public forum expecting a response from the other members so you can't really get upset with people if they don't think it's a great idea.It's also not really your place to tell RobBR not to comment on the forum. He can do what he wants as long as it's within the rules. Might be worth remembering next time someone replies with something you don't like to a thread you have started.
  14. Rem18 - Roger and Sue use the same profile to post. There aren't any "games" being played - check the profile post history and you'll see they have done that since forever.
  15. I wasn't saying Facebook is a bad idea - I use it all the time. Most of the clubs I belong to maintain a Facebook page as a means of communicating. If you're worried about tracking, better stop using anything owned by Google! Facebook is no better or worse. I think the idea is bad full stop. Imagine I am selling my classic car and there is a similar car to mine also for sale - any buyer might buy one or the other. It's sneaky perhaps, but what if I were to post the other car up on your Facebook page and list the other cars faults, perhaps alluding to the fact that all might not be as it se
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