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  1. Cheers mike... I was only going the stag route because that's what had been suggested. I still have my converted SD1 rack which I have removed from the car.. I will try to find someone to do the repair and re seal it... It has worked for 12 yrs, hopefully if I can find someone it will go on for a few more . cheers Rich..
  2. Thanks for replying ian. I have already removed the rack from the car. Bìt of a job but done now. I have contacted Rimmers no luck they would sell me one for a kings ransom. I just need top know about this stag rack and if it fits the Tr as this would save time and poss money. Cheers Rich.
  3. The car started life as a TR7. As far as I know the rack is a Rimmer bros conversion which was done about 14 yrs ago, so not much info on it as they no longer do the conversion... If I could find out about the stag rack I will get one. I suppose the best way is to measure everything and go from there.
  4. Hi I am new to this site and wondered if anybody could help. I have a TR8 RHD. With a Rimmer bros converted SD1 Rack. It has a problem leaking fluid from rivets which hold a ring inside the tube.. I have heard that the Triumph Stag power rack will fit and wondered if anybody could confirm this or could my rack be rebuilt... I am from Hampshire... Cheers
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