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  1. Grinnal

    SU Carbs

    Thanks Guys Aldon Automotive it is.
  2. Grinnal

    SU Carbs

    Hi Folks Can anyone recommend a garage that is good with SU carbs in the Dudley / Wolverhampton area? Thanks Mike
  3. Thanks for your help ordering a kit to link both carbs on single cable
  4. Hi All, I am looking for some advice , I have a US 1969 TR6 that had been converted to right hand drive, during the conversion a set of HS6 SU have been fitted, the choke cable from the old cards does not reach the choke connector for the first SU (nearest the bulk head ) Given the cost of replacement cables can anyone advise which one is best to order? Thanks Mike
  5. Grinnal


    Hi Folks I have a grinnall It runs 5 stud wheels, with modified SD1 strut mounts, the car is very twitchy and is pulling left, does any one have figures on how the toe in toe out should be set. Tyre pressures etc are all ok, as is all the front suspension as it has all been renewed also the powersteering rack has been reconditioned. Thanks Mike
  6. Grinnal


    Hi Folks, Looking for advice, I have a Grinnal with the 5 stud conversion, it is really twitchy and I have replaced the strut tops with modified SD1 tops as per the originals fitted by Grinnall. Had the steering rack rebuilt, it has all new rubbers and bushes tracking redone after that. Any advice would be appreciated
  7. Hi Thanks for the note The inserts are ok its the rubber mount at the top that is the problem, do you run with normal TR7 ones or are they SD1 type with a bearing in them? Cheers Mike
  8. Hi Have a look at these people there work is very good with lots of options http://www.donhoods.com/ Mike
  9. Hi, I have a Grinnall with the 5 STUD wheel hubs. On the fromt suspension the strut mounts at the top of the suspension are past it. Can anyone confirm that these are SD1 units? Or tell me what they are likley to be Thanks Mike
  10. Hi Paul, Thanks for the pictures The bit I am struggling with fitting the throttle linkage, the linkage I have looks the same as yours, I cannot see how to mount it without it hitting the steering arm. There are two threaded holes on the manifold which I assume are its mount point but as I say it hits the steering arm did you have to modify yours? Thanks Mike
  11. Hi Guys, After more advise I have fitted SU HS6 to my RHD car. I am now am trying to understand how I should link up the vacuum hoses and the Servo pipe. Should I link the two cards and then "T" to the distributor (type 22D) and then link the rocker cover to the brake servo? Thanks in Advance Mike
  12. Thanks Paul, Yes the RHD is cable operated Mike
  13. Hi, Does anyone have some pictures of how the throttle linkage is setup for HS6 SU cards, that they would be willing to share? I have had the Cards refurbished and jetted for the 6 I know am trying to work out the best way to setup the linkage and attach it to the manifold etc. Thanks Mike
  14. Grinnal

    Oil gauge feed

    Hi, I noticed in the Moss catalog that there are two types of oil gauge feed, one Pi and the other Carbs, but adapter for the engine is only listed as PI If this is the case how and where does the pipe connect to the engine on a carb model? Thanks Mike
  15. Grinnal

    Tr6 head

    Thanks Paul Please let me know how you get on with the 3/4" bolt, I don't have the valve to match Cheers Mike
  16. Grinnal

    Tr6 head

    Hi Guys, thanks for the advice I have picked up this information on the Blanks required but I am having a problem finding them, any Ideas who might supply them? For the EGR threaded holes: The head= 3/4" X 16 bolt The intake manifold= 1/2" NPT plug
  17. Grinnal

    Tr6 head

    Hi Folks Please look at the attached pictures I have a threaded whole in th head and not sure if it is just a blanking plug that is required. The head number is 213013 Thanks Mike
  18. Hi, Found this useful diagram of where all the shims fit on a TR6 Chassis, hope it helps people Thanks Mike
  19. Hi Ron, Thanks for the advise, I am going to run without the pipe connected Cheers Mike
  20. Thanks Peter I will continue with my plan to blank the through pipe on the manifold off. I have checked the manifold matches the head Thanks again Mike
  21. Hi, I have a TR6 which we are going to fit HS6 SU's onto. The manifold has a through pipe that would normally be connected to the exit on top of the water pump and then the pipe that runs from the back of the water pump and connects into the pipe that go to the heater. What I want to know is, if I blank off the exit at the top of the water pump and then change the pipe that runs from the back of the water pump through to the heater pipe and simply blank of the pipe that runs through the manifold will this cause issues? Thanks Mike
  22. Hi I know this sounds drastic but if your head is no converted to unleaded it could be bad value seals. Do compressions test; this will help establish if you have weak compression on cylinders. Mike
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