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  1. Yes I know the car, it looks to be a rebodied 1980 TR8. lots of things wrong with it (from an originality point of view) … i'd be viewing it as a TR7 with a V8 engine until proven otherwise
  2. The important digit here is the 5th one on the boot/trunk channel - VERY hard to make out but it appears to be a 'V' which makes it a TR8 … however if it is the silver car on US eBay that states it is a 1977 convertible then it is not! The number quoted appears to be a local registry number issued by California
  3. Delighted to report that the 1976 Motor Magazine Press Car (LMT 462P) is now nearing completion of its restoration - some minor bits of trim and the silver decals (as per original) and it'll be ready to hit the UK roads again. This was part of a small batch of Press Cars that underwent 'special checks' prior to being loaned out to the motoring press in early 1976 (prior to dealers getting their cars) - the car still has all its original panels and is still 4-speed.
  4. ... yes it has been checked and is a Grinnall conversion
  5. It is not a factory Sprint - i hold the records on them and this isn't one of them
  6. LMT 462P (1976 Motor magazine Press Car) After the lovely weekend it was back to 'work' ... Steve at S+S Preparations has finished the mechanical side and it is now off to be repainted ... with a little luck it'll be ready for showing for the 2019 season ... safe travels LMT
  7. What a superb weekend ... on the wedge front we had some rare cars on display amongst which were factory TR8's (injection and carb'd), the first RHD Auto (1975), a factory TR7 Sprint, a development car, two of the Press release convertibles, Grinnals ... the list goes on and on...
  8. Yes I believe that one is Robert Carmody's ACN 00036 - very rare car as I will enlighten in my article! Brilliant photos - thanks
  9. Hi All I am currently putting together an article for the TRaction magazine on the ACN TR8's (not preaching to the converted but these were the approx. 150 TR8 pre-production cars that were, in the main, sent to North America for evaluation). If anyone has one of these cars (please just the ones with the VIN starting ACN ...) then please drop me a line (drcsmith2@hotmail.com) .. it's not important if it is a box on parts in a garage or a concours one. I do own a number of these TR8's, here is one of my favourites, a TR8 which never left the UK and was factory fitted with fuel injec
  10. I've had this question a couple of times ... from May 20th your car is NOT automatically MOT exempt and you do have to apply for it ... the easiest way for those already on 'historic' class is to SORN your car for 5 days and then re-tax it, at the 2nd screen there will be a page to claim the exemption (assuming your car is out of MOT).
  11. 'Grigory'- your car left the factory on 21 January 1977
  12. Unlikely - but email me at drcsmith2@hotmail.com with the VIN number and I will check the factory records
  13. Morning All, OK time to debunk all the rubbish printed about the new MOT and tax laws .... here are the possible combinations that apply to UK TR7's and TR8's : 1) Car currently on 'historic' (not PLG) taxation class .... just go online and you can register for exemption and a free tax 2) Car not currently on 'historic' (on PLG) taxation class - you can go online and get MOT exemption BUT you need to pay for you tax until you get historic ... OR go to your Post Office and get exempted and free tax Historic taxation class is currently for cars built before Jan 7th 1978 ... those built
  14. A ​very nice Speke built car with only 1 owner and 11.200 miles!
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