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    1965 mini 850, rebuilt with 1000 engine and 1100 gold seal g'box and diff assembly - sold

    1969 1600 Cortina, rebuilt with 1600 GT engine and 1600E diff assembly - sold

    Then some new stuff, a couple of 1.6i Ghia Orions, in the days when the 'i' was important, a Mondeo, an SRi Cavalier and finishing with a Honda Accord 2.2 TDi; a very nice car for cruising long distances.

    Now have a Ford Kuga for comfort, carrying capacity and the grandchildren, with a Mercedes SL500 for long distance comfort travel.

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  1. Have a good 'un Tom Look forward to hearing from you soon
  2. For sure, setting up is more difficult than carbs, but, I had mine set up by a guru (sadly no longer with us) and it ran faultlessly for the year, until I had to sell the car (I now have difficulty operating the brake with my right foot, so drive autos and left foot brake). The PI has had a bad press, don't believe all the horror stories you hear. There are still plenty of people around who can set them up, you will get plenty of serious recommendations here, if you ask.
  3. Before you make that final decision, drive a well set up PI. I drove both, prior to buying my '6', I was convinced by the PI . . . It works. John
  4. The thumbs up was from me Nigel . . . . .you're right . . . . .we moan and we whinge, but, we have more than most other countries; Real freedom to choose (which is deminishing) Police without guns for the most part and where they do carry them, they are not visible Our police do not carry bloody great sticks, 6' long, to beat the sh1t out of us, should they get bored Unfettered rights to say what we think, within the bounds of decency We are, by comparison to many, well fed, well clothed, warm, dry and safe We get to vote for our representatives every 5 or so years, in elections that are pleasingly free from interference Not bad . . . . Considering
  5. wjgco


    John It proves that at least some Americans are not influenced by Mr Trump, thankfully It gives us hope
  6. wjgco


    No1 son used them to take his intermittently troublesome S-Max off him. They always inspect the car upon arrival and start deducting money (usually in £100 lumps) from their quote, for each scratch, ding, scrape and graze they can find. Use them, by all means, they are convenient, but, be sure to ensure that your car looks it's very best, before you take it in to them. Good luck
  7. Tony, I had 2 wheeled TRiumphs as a lad, so, come on, what is this one you your friends, mate has
  8. Andy I think you'll find that the offer BJ is making is based on the 1997 Hong Kong agreement between China and the UK It's not something he has thought up of his own bat It's not something Dominic Cummings has designed It's a clause in the agreement. So, no, BJ's cracker is not cheeseless
  9. Roger Moved to Social Scene, as requested
  10. A lot of 6's have been converted to carburettor. Don't be afraid of going original and getting a PI. Yes, the PI can be a bit of a bu99er to set up, but, there are plenty of people out there who have the skills to do it, I had mine done. If you are a capable sort, you can do it yourself. There are some magicians here on the forum who can help you with any job (literally, any job) you take on, from filling it with fuel, to stripping it to its last nut and bolt. Get a PI, fit it with original style fuel lines, not the braided type and enjoy the unique fun to be had from the straight 6PI
  11. BSP originated, I believe as a thread for gas pipe, hence, it is refered to as 'Gas thread' and shown shorthand as G*/*. As gas pipe is measured by its bore (flow rate capability is all important with gas, so it was the bore that was important, not the OD), the OD was never relevant. Gas pipe can have a good heavy wall thickness, thus a G1 1/4" - 11 thread can be over 1 1/2" OD John
  12. wjgco

    Angela Merkel

    There is a black police officers association Is there a white police officers assciation?
  13. wjgco

    Angela Merkel

    Probably not John, but, we have little else to do since Boris ordered us under the bed about 10 years weeks ago Besides, we have bored students, with nothing to do, telling us just how bloody appalling we were and how we should be ashamed of our history. Those who try to re-write history usually have an agenda that includes the degredation of many, for the benifit of very few.
  14. wjgco

    Angela Merkel

    Suzanne You are racist because you are white A long time ago, I was told that 'Only white men can be racist'. This, because we are the ones who subjugated other nations Forget the subjugation of africans, by africans Forget the cast system in India Forget Hitler (the epitome of a racist), the years spent defeating him and the year the UK stood alone, allowing the rest of the then free world to discuss whether or not they should get involved Forget the fact that, depending on how you do the maths, between 21 million and 40 million people are in slavery today, more than at any time in history We are racist because our skin is pale.
  15. wjgco

    Angela Merkel

    +2 The name (or forum ID) is shown on the other fora I use . . . . It is right that they are
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