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    1965 mini 850, rebuilt with 1000 engine and 1100 gold seal g'box and diff assembly - sold

    1969 1600 Cortina, rebuilt with 1600 GT engine and 1600E diff assembly - sold

    Then some new stuff, a couple of 1.6i Ghia Orions, in the days when the 'i' was important, and including a Mondeo, an SRi Cavalier, 2 Rover 600's an S-Max and finishing with a Honda Accord 2.2 TDi; a very nice car for cruising long distances.

    Now have a Ford Kuga for comfort, carrying capacity and the grandchildren and a Mercedes SL500 (via an SLK200AMG and a Boxster) for long distance comfort travel.

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  1. Probably the quickest and best option. You'll get loads of suggestions, most based on the experiences of those replying
  2. Thanks Roger A long term project. I would love to have another TR, but auto is the only option, if I am to drive it. If I don't, what's the point? I need to find a garage to store a 1960's / 70's car and have to rationalise the whole thing with SWMBO, who fears that I would not be able to complete this sort of renovation. A lot to think about
  3. Forumites I have a problem which precludes me from using my right foot for braking, in short, making the swivelling / lifting motion, to move my foot from the throttle to the brake, is not a movement I can make easily or quickly, so, I brake with my left foot. Thus, 3 pedals is 1 too many for me. My question; Could I marry an auto box to a Triumph 2.5PI?
  4. Leave Trago Mills alone! We first (or last, take your pick) went there when the kids were small, they are now in their 40's. They loved it, me . . . . . .not so much, but, it has decent (still free?) Parking and the kids could unwind for a while, so, what's not to like.
  5. I cleared your email address for you Sandy, as Roger suggests, use the private messaging system, it's much safer
  6. Without a doubt. A bubbly presence amongst a lot of blokiness, easily holding her own against the TG old guard Another charming smile gone. A great shame and so young
  7. Gents This is from the Daily Express on line, so, make of it, what you will I am not quoting word for word. Headlights from halogen to HID or LED, no, no. An MOT pass or fail related to any other lights is at the discretion of the examiner. So; Your regular, local, friendly MOT centre could be OK, otherwise, a pass is in the lap of the Gods
  8. + another one CCA is I think one of the most important considerations for even the most modern British built sports car or roadster. These engines are made of big bits of heavy stuff. With a decent battery (read high CCA) you get the oomph (Steve is right, accepted technical terminology).
  9. Agreed Steve, service was good, BUT, aftersales service is appalling. Bought a new battery from Tanya for my '6'. It came with a 12 month warranty. 11 months in, it failed. I emailed Tanya, who offered me 1/12th of the cost, under warranty and asked for the battery back for testing I returned the battery and they agreed that it was a dud. Emails back and forth over about 3 weeks, fit for purpose / customer satisfaction etc etc, but, no deal, 1/12th or nothing. My final email stated that, unless they agreed to a full refund, by reply to this, final emai
  10. Why? You make a statement of fact, there's no need to hid.
  11. 747 every time, top deck, 22 seats 3 cabin rew . . .a decent ratio A380 is too big with too few cabin crew Yep, as you say, 787 at a pinch
  12. Like you Rob, I'm wary of dragging this out, so, my final post on the subject . . . . We need to look at this in 2 parts; The law The act. The law The law says that they should not have been there Yes, yes, people can nitpick and say that Leicester to Patterdale for exercise is acceptable, because the law doesn't clearly state a distance limit, but, we must, as adults use some common sense, if we don't, we are lost in the miasma of politics. Simply, they should not have been there and this is where, selfish etc etc comes in. The act Go
  13. Rob, from my percpective, my arguement is entirely logical. At no point have I claimed that Lockdown was the cause of the incident Lets look at facts; Were the climbers on the mountain? Yes Under current law, were they there legally? No, unless you consider; - Leicester to Patterdale necessary travel - Joining a person, not from your household and with whom you are not in a'bubble' both legal and acceptable You say; "if there was no lockdown and they had made the same trip it would still have happened" That may well be the case, but, by the same t
  14. My penneth Rob . . . . In this instance, had the 2 campers observed the current law regarding travel and association restrictions, they would not have been there. Had they not been there, the mountain rescue team would not have been called out to rescue them. Others, maybe, but, not these 2. Thus, it has everything to do with both lockdown and selfish people. Had they not been there, the rescue climber would be at home, safe, with his family. He was injured because he was there, trying to rescue someone who should not have been on the mountain
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