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    1965 mini 850, rebuilt with 1000 engine and 1100 gold seal g'box and diff assembly - sold

    1969 1600 Cortina, rebuilt with 1600 GT engine and 1600E diff assembly - sold

    A whole heap of other stuff, finishing with a Honda Accord 2.2 TDi; a very nice car for cruising long distances.

    Now have a Ford Kuga for comfort, carrying capacity and the grandchildren, with a Mercedes SL500 for long distance comfort travel.

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  1. wjgco


    We should know in about 9 months John TBH, I'm quite interested to find out, I have my own thoughts on the way we are being driven
  2. Rob I'm saying nothing. You seem to have had a belly full of poor advice and depressing news. Good luck, stay safe
  3. wjgco


    found them at the far end of the reply header Edit And it worked Thanks one and all
  4. wjgco


    Not just Ian and i-things, we can't use them on any of our android phones or tablets either. Anyone have an explanation?
  5. At the moment, my SL500 is achieving 3 weeks to the gallon
  6. I suspect that it is, indeed, one of the reasons
  7. wjgco

    Lost my finger

    Bloody hell Pink . . . . . . Good luck
  8. Ever since tongue entered cheek John :-)
  9. wjgco

    Keeping Busy

    Sorry to hear about your widow Miles . . .
  10. wjgco


    Tiresome? Can I suggets; provocative Muesli eater? Can I suggest; porridge pots (home made, easy, tasty, good) Guardian reader? Can I suggets; hmmm . . . . . Can I come back to you on this one To boot? Well, one boot wouldn't be much good would it?
  11. wjgco


    Mick Hi I would be interested to see any data/information to back up your assertion. I am neither for or agin' Toms post, just interested
  12. Happy birthday John Hope it is as good as it can be, given the circumstances Keep fighting the good fight
  13. wjgco


    John Yes I do listen to the TV and radio It told me that people who exhibit symptoms were being tested. How true is that? Only a few know Early action only delays. Take Germany. Today their health minister (I think it was) stated that there will be a big increase in CV19 deaths. Germany got lucky, testing early, mainly, it turn out the young fit and healthy skiers, returning from holiday; not my words . . His. Thus their figures are skewed. I stated the obvious because it needed stating. The media are screaming about the lack of PPE and they are right, there is a lack, but, the gov't we have is the best of a bad job, the alternative being JC. I don't think they are deliberately making themselves public enemy No1, there is a tonne of kudos and years in power on offer if they get it right, why would they not want that? I don't excuse anyone John, not my place. I mearly offer what I see as a reasonable counter to your position. Is your position wrong? I don't know. Is mine wrong? I don't know. Only time will tell. What I will say is, that being constantly negative, without offering positive counters, does no one any favours. It's a problem the BBC have but havn't yet recognised. If someone constantly cries wolf, the audience stops listening. I note that you ignored my last comment . . . I rest my case.
  14. wjgco


    We have no idea about how many people in the UK have CV19? Agreed, not a clue But as for the politicians and Royalty comment . . . .I'm not sure that there is any real evidence to support the position. There seems to be a general tendency to berate the govt for the lack of testing being undertaken Yes, the UK was slow to get off the testing mark Does it do any good to continually groan on about it? My guess is; probably not. From the man (whoever he is) pressing the 'testing' GO button, it takes time to put into practice There is a globally streched supply line, trying to meet the demands from over 100 countries. Many UK companies have stepped up to the mark, or in the case of Mercedes F1, torn off the mark like a greyhound Testing for front liners is coming, later than anyone would like, but, we all know it's on its way Tory govt . . .hands comment . . .again, I'm not sure that this is really fair. Do you really believe that any gov't of a different hue, would have done anything radically different I'm pretty sure the answer is no I am not going to moam, it does no good, all I am going to do, as a confirmed atheist, is say a quiet prayer for all those, like yours, who are going above and beyond, in trying to stop this pandemic from taking any more victims
  15. wjgco


    All Don't know if anyone has seen it, but "bing" are doing a nice, simple covid-19 tracker: https://bing.com/covid?form=COVD07
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