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    1965 mini 850, rebuilt with 1000 engine and 1100 gold seal g'box and diff assembly - sold

    1969 1600 Cortina, rebuilt with 1600 GT engine and 1600E diff assembly - sold

    A whole heap of other stuff, finishing with a Honda Accord 2.2 TDi; a very nice car for cruising long distances.

    Now use the wife's Kuga for long distance comfort travel.

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  1. wjgco

    Oil Purolator Filter

    Paul Mechanical If the element is fitted with any form of bypass device (I don't know about this one, do you have the part number), the primary reason the bypass is there is to protect the element from damage. Poor/wrong assembly or an over rated spring could result in the type of collapse you can see. The element should be tested to 3x the design collapse rating. If the spring is correctly rated, is the element blocked? Did it do excess running hours? These elements are usually rated at about 60 microns This, generally, allows the carbon to circulate, as is is not considered to be detrimental to the engine in the usual concentrations. A blocked filter will capture much more carbon. This will blind the media and create a high delta P High delta P could, could, result in the damage shown. Hope this helps Note; If you have the part number, I'll try to get hold of the spec John
  2. AlanYes, I have an interest in the peninsular wars, the House of Bourbon is a part of the history of the time Something I am ignorant of is the origins of the 3 colours on the Tricolore. The cross of St George is something we only tend to see at sporting events and right wing rallies, which is a great shame. We share our brave Roman soldier with, Aragon, Catalonia, Ethiopia, Georgia, Greece, Lithuania, Palestine, Portugal, and Russia. Aapparently the country Georgia is named after St. George.
  3. I heard this was the colour of the new French national flag
  4. wjgco

    Insurance theft limitation clause

    Rodders That applied if I had declared that my 6 was garaged when at home, which I did. She lived in a nice warm garage. So, if I left her on the drive and she was nicked, the insurance company would not pay When I was away from home in the car, she was insured overnight, even if not garaged. But, I . . . . . Had to have the hood up!!! Had to lock the car!!! On a 1975 Triumph? . . . . .The hood can be opened with a sharp finger nail and the door with a hair grip
  5. Didn't we see this, or something very similar a few months back It was a silly price then
  6. wjgco

    ... another 5 on ebay!

    Gents I tend to agree with your points, there is some money to be spent, brining things up to par, but, as Kevin says, it's originality for me and a lot of that originality has been replaced and would need to be put back; wheels, PI system, steering wheel are the easy bits to spot, so what else would need doing? I have always coveted the TR5; The prettiest body, combined with the straight 6 PI. I know the Lucas PI has its critics, but, after Clive Manvers had worked his magic on my TR6, including going back to original parts, the engine started, ran, pulled and stopped like a dream, no matter what the temperature or weather. Why don't I have a '5'? The answer is in the advert.
  7. wjgco

    Best fuel for a PI 6

    Mike is rightModern unleaded decays quickly, if left static, just 3 or so weeks will cause it to deteriorate. Keeping the tank full is fine, if you use the fuel Regular usage and topping up will do the job, but, you need to be using a goodly proportion of the fuel in a 10 to 14 day period. This way, degradation of the fuel is minimised and the presence of the fuel protects the inside of the system
  8. wjgco

    Best fuel for a PI 6

    Always used Esso Synergy from choice No ethanol in the SE, East Anglia. Use it neat, straight from the pump, nothing added, nothing taken away. Ethanol is added in some UK regions, forumites more informed than me can confirm where. Shell V Power as a back up
  9. This thread provides a big part of the answer to the problem . . . Use this forum, all over the country, there are the likes of young Stuart down South, stick with those who we know are long term TR fanatics
  10. wjgco

    Winterising... What do you do?

    I ran mine all year round I did any planned maintenance during the winter, but, if she was on her wheels, she was out and about whenever it was dry and there was no salt residue on the road. If it was inclement for a long period, I would run her up for about 30 minutes at least once a week. I never worried about tyre flat spots, she didn't stand around long enough IMHO
  11. wjgco

    Unwanted horn sound when moving steering wheel.

    When it happened to me, it was a 'big' lump of solder on a poor repair in the wiring inside the column, took a while to find it.
  12. All I have 2 off Osram headlight bulbs, details as in the title above These are of no use to me, but, seeing as how I cannot for the life of me remember having a need for these since my Mini days, I wonder why I still have them! Anyway . . . . .any good to anyone? If so, PM me details and I will post them out, FOC John
  13. wjgco

    Path to purism?

    Make It's simple and quick Probably doesn't save any money, but, the satisfaction of doing it and knowing how to for next time
  14. wjgco

    Windscreen Capping

    Gents I have a windscreen Capping for a 6 here in CM2 if it is of use to anyone. Used, but straight PM me if you would like to pick it up, posting it will be both a bu99er and costly I don't like to bin stuff, but, as we are moving (a future proofing exercise, I'm told), I have to clear a lot of stuff out John
  15. wjgco

    Musings on Leyland

    Poor management for sure Alec, rusty steel panels fitted in production, but. . . . . My 2 brothers-in-law worked at Cowley, one on the assembly line, one at pressed steel fisher. They spent more time out on strike than in work A very small number of people who ran the unions at Cowley were determined to bring the factories to a close and in the end, they did. Remember Red Robbie in the Midlands?

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