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    1965 mini 850, rebuilt with 1000 engine and 1100 gold seal g'box and diff assembly - sold

    1969 1600 Cortina, rebuilt with 1600 GT engine and 1600E diff assembly - sold

    Then some new stuff, a couple of 1.6i Ghia Orions, in the days when the 'i' was important, a Mondeo, an SRi Cavalier and finishing with a Honda Accord 2.2 TDi; a very nice car for cruising long distances.

    Now have a Ford Kuga for comfort, carrying capacity and the grandchildren, with a Mercedes SL500 for long distance comfort travel.

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  1. Apart from the blindingly obvious . . . .being logged in . . . . . . .
  2. wjgco

    Friday fun

    Maybe, if he did less talking and more engineering, he'd finish the job
  3. Would it cost a lot to put back Stuart? The parts are all available
  4. Nope, only the usual stuff, injectors, plugs, manifolds etc etc. The dizzy cap, rotor and cables can be removed or not, depending on how you plan to work Injector pipes can be just lifted away and fixed out of the way. The head is heavy!! It is a one man lift . . . . With care, I've done it a few times. It's better with two though, much easier and much less stress. Be aware of the typical weak point of the head to block joint. There is an area adjacent to cylinder 2 on the N/S, where there is very little, material to form the joint, as a result
  5. Yes A record of what rolled of the roduction line and when. The DVLA accept it as an accurate record. If I can find any more info I'll post it here
  6. There's also 'Adjustable gate hinges'. The advantages over cranked and std tee hinges, for me are, I had a bit of leeway when installing, I have been able to reset my 6' x 6' gates a number of times, as the installation settled in and my mucking about with it. Adjustable for me every time in the future.
  7. OK Did some digging and think this might help; https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/419830/INF34_090315.pdf  I think the owner of the green book is Derek, on the forum as Saffrontr Hope that this helps
  8. Jam first Ben, no question. Happy belated birthday
  9. As has been said, the tax exemption starts in the April following the 40th anniversary of the date the car was manufactured. As a result, my '6', which was registered as a 1974 car (1st registered in Sept '74), was tax exempt in April 2014, as it was built in November 2013. There was a forumite (sorry name has been erased from my brain) who could supply dates from the 'green book', a copy of which, he had.
  10. You didn't HAVE to remind me Kevin, you could have let it pass. I keep telling the kids, not birthdays any more, but remembrance days
  11. Thank you one and all. Pub lunch with SWMBO, then an hour with No1 son and grandaughter, another hour with No1 daughter and grandsons, then home to fresh crusty bread, cheese and a bottle of Rioja, just the job.
  12. I must admit, I DO like Magenta . . . .it works with the shape of the car Not sure about celebrating poo brown, that, for me, is a step too far.
  13. wjgco

    Andy Murray

    OR . . Hip, hip hooray ???
  14. OR . . . You fat twitface, OR . . . . . .
  15. Apparently, You Tube is planning to join the Facebook/Twitter merger The new compzny will be called You Twitface
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