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  1. Geoff I made my own Cam degree wheel from this https://www.blocklayer.com/degree-wheel.aspx Enter Cam spec, select wheel size and print. I used a diameter of 200mm which seemed to be about the max useable size and stuck it to a disc cut from 2mm thick aluminium sheet Phil
  2. Roger Just fitted along with new MaxSpeeding rods as part of the engine rebuild Some of the original con-rod bolts were a bit iffy and . ARP bolts looked a good option but as the con rods themselves had seen better days MaxSpeeding rods complete with ARP bolts came to not much more than the cost of a set of bolts. The conrods balanced to 1 gram and were 2/3 the weight of the original ones The engineer putting the engine together was well pleased with the quality and no fettling of the 87mm liners was required to provide clearance Phil
  3. Harry Was it really a Huco pump? If so it should come in a blue box with Huco all over it. If it came in a green box it doesn't sound as if it was a genuine part. There are some cheap copies being sold on Ebay. Huco do two types, one suitable for installation in the boot and the other as a suction pump for installing in the engine bay Huco (Hueco.com) are a German company owned by Hitachi Just fitted to TR2 to feed twin Webers. See post on TR2/3 forum Phil
  4. Hi Just fitted a Huco Fuel Pump (Hueco - German company now owned by Hitachi). HUCO 133010 low pressure suction pump fitted in engine bay Malpassi 85mm Filter HUCO 132020 Fuel pump relay Inertia swith (Ebay but with connector & flying leads) Power feed from ignition switched battery supply, through fuse (7.5A, pump requires 5A max), through inertia switch to power contacts on relay (#30 & #87), to fuel pump Relay control. Feed from Coil +ve (which is supplied from ignition switch) to #15. Contact #31 to ground (chassis) The fifth connection #1 takes a signal from the Coil -ve and enables the relay as long as the engine is rotating and the coil is generating a pulse via the distributor. The fuel pump stops in any of Ignition is turned off Engine stops turning Inertia switch is triggered System works very well but the fuel inlet and outlet connections to the pump are a PITA Phil
  5. Hamish, great job on fitting the hard top, this will be a great resource when I come to fit mine I notice you have a Huco fuel pump. The instructions I received for the Huco 133010 were to mount it horizontally with the output port uppermost, but yours is mounted vertically? Which side of the pump is the filter fitted, input or output? Conversion to that set up is after we get the engine up and running but I was cautioned not to run the fuel supply round the back of the engine because of possible fuel vaporization issues. Are your issues ignition or fuel related? Cheers Phil
  6. To undo or tighten crankshaft bolt / starter dog using an old fanbelt I used this method last year on the TR2. It works well, no need for impact wrench or trying to hold the crank steady by putting it in gear. I used an old fanbelt from the TR but depending on the diameter of your pulleys, you may need a different fanbelt. No issues in torquing the bolt back up either Phil Undo crankshaft pulley bolt.pdf
  7. Saggy Sailing has always been a passion and still is. Loads of International 505, RYA Racing Coach, numerous dinghies, X99 for a while but now crewing a South Coast One Design (SCOD) on the Solent, something a bit more your style I think. Absolute bandit on handicap in the right conditions, photo of Firecracker passing St Cats in last year’s Round The Island Modern classic? A modern boat but with a classic look? A very pretty boat from La Rochelle, Tofinou 8 Regards Phil
  8. Mark You have a PM Phil
  9. A vote for Lidl's charger, I use two of them, no problems. They've been on sale recently, may still be a few available Phil
  10. I made my own Cam degree wheel from this https://www.blocklayer.com/degree-wheel.aspx Enter Cam spec, select wheel size and print. I used a diameter of 200mm which seemed to be about the max useable size and stuck it to a disc cut from 2mm thick aluminium sheet Phil
  11. OGB has the Revington split system with Mintex 1144 pads on grooved discs, no servo. The brake pedal is "firm" without much travel but we're all used to moderns with servos and a progressive brake pedal, it's not a problem really. The system works very well, even from cold, and I can vouch for a split system for when the front brakes get cooked . . . Phil
  12. +1 He wrote the book - literally Excellent job on OGB's head Phil
  13. In looking up part numbers in a search for a bellows type 'stat, I came across the following very detailed discussion of bellows type 'stats. Although written for Jaguar XKs, it quotes part numbers C3731 and Smiths X85025 which are listed for TRs It looks quite comprehensive, can the more technically minded give their view of the piece as it seems to expand the options available for original style, bellows type thermostats http://www.bobine.nl/jaguar/02-engine/thermostats-for-jaguar-xk-120-140-and-150/ Phil
  14. Kevin/Ben They're lift off hinges, used on instrument cases. I think you can get cranked ones as well that might work better? Phil
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