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  1. Hi Andrew TR2 Below on the Exeter Trial
  2. Entry posted for the road edition of Lands End Trail, anyone else entering? 370 miles of non damaging, mainly night time navigation with some steep bits thrown in along the north Somerset/Devon/Cornwall coast finishing near St Ives Had a great time on the Exeter Trial, aiming for a clean sheet this time Details under Events on the website https://www.tr-register.co.uk/event/2020/04/2163/Lands-End-Classic-Road-Trial Phil
  3. Since fitting a bulkhead in front of the fuel tank, the cockpit has got quite noisy from the rear with a resonance setting in at 70 + The aluminium bulkhead had butyl type vibration absorbing pads stuck to the rear of the new bulkhead but I am now thinking of lining out the rear of the cockpit and the floor with acoustic sheet of some description There is already a layer of sound absorbing felt underlay under the carpet but any suggestions for reducing the noise level or experience of the materials available? Phil
  4. Rog Replaced mechanical pump last year and very pleased so far Twin 45 Webers and probably 140 bhp ish Hitachi/Huco (or Hueco) 133010 suction pump fitted in engine bay (high volume low pressure to suit Webers), Malpassi 85mm filter & regulator. Controlled by Huco 132020 fuel pump relay that is powered from the ignition switch and also takes a feed from the coil to shut off the pump if the engine stops turning and an impact sensor (Ebay). 8mm ID fuel line and cut off tap. No noise and no fuel leakage Beware of imitation pumps on Ebay Phil
  5. First owner of OGB 800 Heather Fleming with Eric Dymock navigating in 1955 (picture courtesy of Eric) Phil
  6. Thanks Rob The fan motor has always rattled a bit but it turns freely and chucks out quite a lot of heat. Could be the bearing, as you suggest, I will investigate Phil
  7. At full on or full off the heater control rheostat is cold but at half fan speed it' gets very hot, to the point of beginning to smell. I know that it has to dissipate some energy in order to control the fan speed but I've not noticed it getting as hot as this before, too hot to touch. Is this normal? In fitting some new instrument bulbs, I did knock one of the leads off but there only appears to be possible 2 connections Any ideas? Phil
  8. Exeter Trial R Class (None damaging) In good company at Musbury time control 5:00 am OGB with dirtier shoes than normal at Islington And a happy Mr & Mrs B at Torquay about to go in search of a beer - or two You've got to do it, it's a blast, even the road class Lands End Trial from Bristol to Newquay in April and the Edinburgh Trial in the Peak District in October Phil
  9. Successfully used to stick a mylar centerboard slot gasket to the bottom of a sailing dinghy. Alternatively use one of the Sikaflex marine adhesives such as 221 Phil
  10. One of ours is an excellent hunter but won't pick up and the other is the opposite! Combine the best bits of both and we might have a decent dog! Phil
  11. I thought I'd add to this thread . . 2 UNF Spanners . . .Unified Nut Focused Spanners Phil
  12. Sorted! Should have looked at Ebay first, they weren't there last week! Phil
  13. Anyone know of a supplier of gaskets for a Lucas L494 reversing light? Alternatively, what sort of gasket material to use as an alternative? Phil
  14. I'm fitting a reversing light and rear fog light to the TR2 The lights are Lucas L494 with the cable coming out of the rear of the housing, not from out of the fixing bolt, and are being attached to brackets mounted to the top of the rear bumpers Any recommendations for running the wires from the lights into the boot to connect up to the supply wiring that is already there? Phil
  15. Although Colin had been threatening to retire fort some time, his decision was no doubt hastened by the redevelopment of Berry Farm for housing. I know we need lots of new housing but Berry Farm was a hive of industry with lots of small businesses operating from units that were right for their needs ie low cost Colin produced some good stuff, my TR2 is running on a 30 year old chassis and it still looks in good shape and Andy was a skilled body repairer and a craftsman with a spray gun Happy retirement Colin and well done Neil for picking up the baton (other chassis manufacturers are available) Phil
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